Saturday, December 10, 2005

"Lend strength and comfort through all time"

Well, it was a better day. Good client session this a.m.. Shopping was annoying and there were way too many people out. I want to avoid all major shopping areas until the holiday is over, but I still have a few things to get. I think for the most part that I can get most of those things without too much hassle.

It's Sister's birthday today. I called her. No one home.

I'm doing an incredibly grounding I got some dishes done, then stripped the kitchen bare and mopped the floor. The next time it gets clean, I think I might actually have to do a good scrubbing. Still the worst of the grossness and dust is taken care of in the kitchen. After this post, I'm tackling half of my living room.

I'm having a guest, can you tell? P'tit Loup is coming up next weekend and taking me to see a performer at Yoshi's here in Oakland on Saturday. She's pretty laid back, but I'm taking this as an opportunity to have everything clean before I leave for the holiday. There's nothing so nice as coming back from a trip with a clean house.

Anyway, since I'm grounded, I thought I'd get these readings all done for you guys...if I've missed anyone, please let me know.


P'tit Loup:
Past: "Bodacious Bodach" reversed - Something that usually goes wrong has gone right - quite by accident.

Present: "Laune" - This represents unconditional giving. It's time to be open to the opportunities to give to others freely - and let them give back, too.

Future: "She of the Cruach" reversed - This card reversed represents a pouring out of goddess energy. It indicates that divine energy will be coming at you and that you will need to be willing to be open to it to receive it.

Interpretation: When I drew these cards, I had a strong sense that this was a bigger picture life reading. "Laune" feels like the work of this life, or of this time in your life, but this incredible divine opportunity will be coming to you either later in this life, or in another. The work right now is to learn to not only give but receive, perhaps so you will be open to this later opportunity.


Swiss Toni
Past: "Lys of the Shadows" - Lys helps overcome shadows and darkness. It may be that you have been helping someone past a difficulty or that you are coming out of a place that needed deep healing, yourself.

Present: "Nelys the Alchemist" - Inner and outer change are happening now. This is not what you expected - not now - but there it is.

Future: "G. Hobyah" reversed - There is a need for caution...beware of the dangers ahead. Be "streetsmart" as it were.

Interpretation: I remember as I did this reading that so much of the present card was probably about your work and finding something that you love to do, especially since you'd been talking about the effects of the NaNoWriMo experience. It still feels true, but I'm a little stumped about what the past card indicates. I'll leave it to you...probably as it should be. As for the future, if this is about work, I'd say just caution about finances is warranted.


Past: "The Singer of Connection" - There has been a reconnecting and a building of a strong support network.

Present: "Ta'Om the Poet" reversed - There may be a need to speak up rather than be silent - but use caution. Ta'Om can lead into imprudent actions, such as lying or not using common sense. Don't rush in.

Future: "The Maiden" reversed - Lack of hope or joy. Life is cold or sterile. Depression.

Interpretation - You are in a transitional state...going from one in which you've been feeling very supported to starting to feel uneasy, and maybe kind of pissed off, about a situation. I think the future card is a cautionary one, rather than a "set in stone" future (because I don't think futures can be entirely set in stone). I think that if you a) let the situation that's bugging you stagnate, or b) act impulsively with it, that you may be heading for a pretty low patch in your life. But the card can be put back in its right position, if all goes well, and in the upright position there is joy and playfulness.


Past: "Death" - The ultimate change card. Leaving the old behind and a new life begins.

Present: "Ta'Om the Poet" reversed - There may be a need to speak up rather than be silent - but use caution. Ta'Om can lead into imprudent actions, such as lying or not using common sense. Don't rush in.

Future: "The Sage" reversed - This is wisdom on its head - foolishness. Knowledge misused or distorted. Knowledge and experience channeled toward destruction.

Interpretation - It feels like there may have been a turning point for you recently. I'm unclear what it was, but it was pretty definite. Moving into this new phase for you, there is a need to be more proactive about your needs and to speak up. But as I cautioned Shadow51, you need to take prudent action in your life or you will find yourself swimming in confusing and possibly destructive waters.


Past: "The Topsy Turvets" reversed - This card is always "upside down." Things have felt confusing and disordered in your life.

Present: "Ffaff the Ffooter" reversed - Your present circumstances may have you feeling floaty or disconnected with reality - time to find grounding.

Future: "Gloominous Doom" - This is all about you and how you think about yourself. Don't let self-pity take you over!

Interpretation: I'm interpreting this as around the job situation, but there might also be something else that fits this for you. Get grounded. Don't let your own self-criticism take over (read: don't internalize all the "you're shit" messages). You can do this. You will do great at it.

Okay, that's enough time for my break. I'm back to put the kitchen back in place and clean in the living room.


Fred said...

I hate cleaning. I'm always yellling at the kids to clean their rooms; I'm wondering when they're going to ask me why mine is such a mess. So far, I've gotten away with it.

My shopping is done, thanks to the internet.

MrMystic said...

Hey you and the little fox together sounds like it's going to be fun, good dining and a little wine.

Charby said...

Hehehe, it makes a lot of sense to me.
Yesterday was a bad day espeically, with nothing I did for Dad being right and I was feeling very unappreciated, self-pitying and cried a fair bit, so I guess thats what that's about!

Hope you have a good day!

the urban fox said...

Glad today was better, Spinsy.

spinsterwitch said...

That was actually yesterday, Fox. Today pretty much sucked.

Hyde said...

Thanks, Spins!

shadow51 said...

Thank you for the reading. Don't quite know what to make of it. Have read it over several times and will let it roll around in my head a while. I appreciate your time and efforts.