Friday, December 16, 2005

"Strike the harp and join the chorus"

A day of highs and lows.

The low was this morning and early afternoon. Returning a Christmas gift so you can buy groceries is a first for me. Then going home to wait for the damned adjustor to call you to review your option of getting your car fixed (yes, pretty much only one option, unless I had $1700 to throw at the car). Trying to get in touch with Sammy (oh, so helpful Sammy) to tell him that if his shop won't fix the car with used parts then it's gotta go somewhere else. And having none of them reach me. None of these things were fun.

Then there was the ever so joyful therapy session - a good half of which I cried through. I think I made my therapist speechless. (I told him how I'm going to bed tired and waking up tired. How I'm fighting to get out among people and do the things I need to do because if I stop I'm done. I told him how many people are taking care of me these days, and still how empty I feel. I told him how I feel like I have little victories, then reality comes crashing down on me again.)

After that, I had two clients to see. Interestingly, both of them were very low energy. It's a good thing I thought to drink a little caffeine because when I'm feeling low energy and the client has low energy, I get a little sleepy.

After clients came the best part of the day. I went to see Hippy Chick and Bee Dragon. We ate pizza. Talked about work and stuff. Then we watched Bullet in a Bible, the Green Day concert video. It was filmed at Milton Keynes during their second night there.

Now, I've never been one who loves concert videos. Going to concerts is a blast because you can sing really loud and dance your ass off. I was set to be amused and enjoy the commentary, but it was a really good representation of their concert. I highly recommend it if you would like a short reliving of the concert (or if you didn't get to see them and would like to get a sense of what you missed). They are just amazing showmen.

If only I could get Green Day to play for me twice a week, I probably wouldn't need to go on antidepressants.

So here I am back at the Retreat. I'm tired, but tonight I'm feeling happier. I need to pet Kitty for a bit before I go to bed...Have a good Saturday!


Mr-Mystic said...

Its funny how the cards are dealt in life, crappy things happening to good people. Its a good thing you are such a strong person I fear a lesser mortal would not cope as well.

Happy energy coming right at you from the Mystic.

spinsterwitch said...

Thanks Mystic. I'm thinking today should be a pretty good day. P'tit Loup is coming to visit!

the urban fox said...

Have a lovely day with P'tit Loup, Spins.

Fred said...

Whew - you're due for a good day. I hope it worked out great.

Have a good weekend, see you when I get back.

LavaLady said...

I hope all goes well today. (and tomorrow, and the next day)

Aravis said...

I'm sorry you're having to go through such a tough time right now. I'm sending good thoughts and best wishes your way that things will work out soon. I hope you had a great time with P'tit Loup! :0)

Hippy Chick said...

We had a great time with you too! We hadn't gotten to talk in a long time and it was really good. I'm putting all my energy into wishing that the car thing works out in that less painful way. It was nice to get to see you a bunch this weekend especially since you're leaving town soon. Yeah reliving that concert was very fun and I'm so impressed by them. Hope you had a great time with P'tit and Charlie Hunter :)