Sunday, December 18, 2005

"When loved ones are near"

Sunday morning...I think this is the first morning in over a week where I'm not fighting the urge to weep. Of course, the world is weeping for's pouring down rain outside. I know that can make some people melancholy, but it's actually felt somewhat soothing to me today.

Spent the latter part of the afternoon at HippyChick's and BeeDragon's to celebrate BD getting her black stripe! Yay! We had scotch and HC taught people to play craps. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed (and sleepy from the scotch) for a bit so retreated to the corner to read Groening's Life is Hell.

I went to see the Charlie Hunter trio with P'tit Loup last night. As I told her, it's a far departure from my recent obsession with playing Green Day and System of a Down over and over. It was interesting to watch the crowd. There were some people who got there really early and got seats up front and just had their heads going to the beat. The jazz version of moshers, I think.

They had a few weak numbers, but otherwise were quite good. I think the free-flowing nature of the music was not entirely suited to my mood, but whatever. I really thought the drummer was stellar.

I got P'tit Loup settled in my apartment and went back to the Retreat for one last night. Kitty was very active last night - jumping up on the bed lots and wanting pets. I think she misses mom and dad. Hopefully, their drive will be non-eventful with this rain.

Well, I'm off to fold some laundry, then pack up and move out. Never did take a jacuzzi bath this time.

I'll go have breakfast with PL at my place (which is the cleanest it's been in a very long time), then later a wee bit of grocery shopping. Then I have the whole day to read or nap or take a bath. It sounds like a good day, actually.


the urban fox said...

That does sound like a good day. 100% you-time. Hope you can relax, recharge and revitalise. Failing that, just nap and laze around all day... works for me in times of stress. Enjoy.

Aravis said...

That sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

Lord Bargain said...

there is something relaxing and calming about watching the rain from a cosy inside place.

hope your day was good.

Hyde said...

Hope you're feeling a little bit better. It's a wonderful feeling when the rain is soothing!



beedragon said...

Thanks for coming :) It was nice to get to share the celebration (and scotch) with you and P'tit Loup!