Monday, December 12, 2005

"Table bare and tears in her eyes"

Everyone should head on over to Alecya's. Her latest post made me cry. Yes, yes, I'm crying at the drop of a hat lately, but this is truly moving. You are a blessing, girl.

Today, I was tired. And foggy. And not terribly tolerant. I did finally get my adjustor to speak to my service guy. I learned that my rental isn't covered. And I found out my deductible is $500.

When I wrote below about my financial situation, I didn't go into specifics about everything (mostly because my debt brings up a lot of shame). The car is the tip of a very large iceberg know as credit card debt. The government, in an effort to be helpful to consumers, has forced a change in the way that minimum payments are configured. This change goes into effect this next billing period. I've calculated what the minimum payments will be, and therein lies my source of panic about money.

I'm considering a move to a smaller place (which would include sharing a living space with B for about 3 months, until her transfer goes through) for less rent. I've thought about another job. I know that there will be some money coming in in the new year, but's all terribly nerve wracking. (I am still going to London in April. I may be sleeping in the park when I do so.)

In fact, I'm going to stop now.

I've moved into The Retreat for a week of housesitting Kitty. They left me chocolates. They have cable and I'll get to watch the Daily Show. And, of course, there is the jacuzzi tub.

Despite all the luxury, all I want right now is for it to be December 23rd and for me to be getting into the car with my mother at the airport.

I was going to do a meme that I found on Mystic's page, but I'm tired and I think that I need to go work on my holiday cards to perk me up a bit.

Is anyone up for writing a review this week for "least favorite movie?" I don't have anyone yet, and I'm feeling uninspired. Fox has graciously agreed to be up next week...


Hippy Chick said...

yikes, i can really relate to the credit card debt and money panic, having been through it on many occasions. rest assured my friend that i will never let you be homeless! hope you can truly relax and enjoy the Retreat.

Fred said...

If you need to sleep in the park in London, let me know. I know a few good hiding spots. :)

Hope it all works out. You still have a great attitude, so I'm sure it will.

Alecya Giovanni said...

Spins, you flatter me. But let me tell you this, if I thought writing prose for you would make you happy, I would do it every day. Honestly. I admire you so much, and I feel a huge amount of frustration that I can't help you. If you think of anything I can do for you, email me.

Love always, AG

Mr-Mystic said...

sometimes when I get to fretting about money and my situation. I think of the poor people living in Bombay....and I realise just how lucky I am....still I'm also human and sometimes wonder what it would be like, to be as rich as Bill Gates.

beedragon said...

I second what HC said about never letting you be homeless! Hopefully things will work out in London too. I think they will. I hope things get better for you very soon, spin. Take care, and just holler if you need anything.

Mark said...

You;re coming to London? When did I miss this announcement?