Saturday, December 24, 2005

"Through the years we will all be together"

Got my luggage back today. Braved the crowds, which really weren't so bad. Ended up buying a gift from a local merchant, so felt pretty good about that. Got the cousin who's in his first year in high school, the latest White Stripes CD. Got frames for the paintings I brought, but am having to use a really old frame for the one I'm giving my sister (I really think she's going to hate it and I might change my mind and give it to my mom...who loves everything I give her.).

So still anxious a bit...

But otherwise, I'm pleased with being home and just enjoying not having to think too much about anything. Go see Foxy to find out how to learn who you look like...mine was an interesting mix of characters.

One of the things that I rediscovered last night, is a stack of letters. I used to have a pretty extensive international penpal-ship. I'm going to bring them back to CA with me, but today I started reading through letters from my first boyfriend. He was British, fact fans, and I met him when he was an exchange student at the University of MN. He and the other "Brits" would buy us (underage, but charming and cute girls) beer at the Big Ten...sort of our dorms' version of our local. We corresponded for about 2 years after he went back, then stopped. Now I'm curious if I can find him or any of the others...I'll have to do some web searching.

Well, I'm off to have myself a nice scotch and some pumpkin pie!

Blessings all.


Fred said...

Blessings to you, too, Spin. Glad the luggage was found. Scotch - nice choice.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Aravis said...

Happy Holidays, and happy hunting! :0)

MrMystic said...

You're first boyfriend was a brit.

Oh, well life isn't always perfect.

Merry Christmas.

Pynchon said...

Happy Christmas. (A regular reader, if not commentator.)

Hippy Chick said...

Ooh I like reading old letters and notes too, makes me nostalgic usually in a good way. things are good in LV - won $180 in craps after losing $70 so not too shabby on the profit margin. Mystere (cirque de so very gay) was amazing and bee dragon was even in the show for a few minutes, will tell u more about that later. we're surviving her parents pretty well, taking breaks helps. i can't deny their generosity even if we have to sit through papa bee telling us why using the term "oriental" in 2005 isn't derogatory (sigh). to our credit, we did argue back but then changed the subject. oy! :) hope you have a fun holiday and have a sip of scotch for me. i've been sticking to wine and baileys n coffee so far! we go home tomorrow then it's back to work for 2 days, then 5 blessed days off where i intend to do not much but spend some much needed qt with bee. spin i got you something here that i think you will like :) have a great rest of your vacation and bee dragon says hello too.

the urban fox said...

I'm picking up some negative vibes from Mr Mystic there. Hm.

*weeps into Union Jack hanky*

Hope you're having a wonderful day, dear Spin.

spinsterwitch said...

So the search was partially successful. It looks like some member of his family still lives at their Ashford address, so that's probably my best bet. Will probably spend part of today writing something to send off.

How dull am I?

My excitement today...finding a 1936 dime amongst my coins.

Oh, and the paintings went well. Mother was very complimentary. Sister declared her's "very interesting."

P'tit-Loup said...

I have to admit, I am curious to find out what sister gave you. I hope that is not too nosy of me, but due to the concerns you expressed at how she would receive yours, I am curious at what she would select for you.

Have a very merry time, and enjoy the schotch! Wish I was there with you to enjoy it as well!

SwissToni said...

happy christmas spin. Brit guys, eh? Can't fault you for that!


mrmystic said...

The Urban Fox is sounding Paranoid. Or she just doesn't understand British humour.

By the way Fox, the mystic never sends anyone a negative vibe, especially not to Spinny. She's one of the few sane people I know.

the urban fox said...

You seem to have misunderstood my remark, Mystic. I am British. You made a remark about Brits. I joked about it. Hope this clarifies matters.