Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Walking in a winter wonderland"

By the time most of you read this, it will be WritinginAK's birthday. I just want to acknowledge what a wonderful friend she is. I've known her for over 10 years now. She was the first person I ever came out to. She has the courage to ask the hard questions. She is friendly and cute and has the brightest laugh of anyone I've ever known. We've been mistaken for sisters (she may not remember this...we both have similar hair color and maybe similar cheekbones, but otherwise don't really look alike). I'm happy to say that after her recent accident she is well on the mend and back to work.

Blessings to you in this next year, my friend. (The fun magazines will be in the mail in the new year!)

So the housing plan is a go. I was able to reconfigure my budget tonight before a committee meeting I had to go to. Things look brighter. I've even figured out what to do with the "extra" furniture, since it looks like we will be opening another LVC house here in the Bay Area this year. Nice charity donation. Still now I get to mourn my home (I really love my apartment).

The car is still in the shop. The adjustor is trying to find cheaper parts to bring down the estimate on the car, but it looks like they won't total it. I told my service guy they could probably pick up a pretty reasonable steering wheel and airbag for a Honda Civic in a chop shop somewhere in Oakland.

The things that bring me up during the day lately are few and far are a few from today:

*Thinking about an ActionSpins action figure...changeable wardrobe and magic flying dog and all.

*Walker's shortbread biscuits...a patient brought them in for a gift to the staff.

*Green Day's American Idiot & System of a Down's Mesmerize (which I'm liking more than Hypnotise) played really loud.

*The kind words and support of B & HippyChick (who survived a deposition today...take a bow chica!).

I started commenting on blogs at work again today. But I really felt strongly pulled to feel like there were people around me that I could interact with...because internally feels so empty. So I guess that makes all of you the 5th thing that gave me a boost today.

Friday will be a happier post...unless you were involved in the making of the film that Mark Reed has reviewed as his least favorite. Remember to make time in your day to stop by and let him know how you feel about his pick!


writinginAK said...

awww ... thanks friend! you just made my night (still an hour and fourteen minutes till my bday here... :)) ... we're having some friends over and a coffee heathbar crunch and chocolate ice cream cake to celebrate tomorrow ... yum!

I'm glad things are falling into place a little bit. And glad you had some bright spots in your day. My bright spot was ... darn. I already forgot what it was. It was a very intense night. My gf is laughing at me.

love and hugs to you!

hammer said...

no pressure for happy posts

Mr-Mystic said...

I agree with Hammer post what you feel like posting.....I'm in.

the urban fox said...

Happy birthday to WritinginAK.

What kind of vehicle would ActionSpin have? I'm thinking a helicopter that converts to a submarine when necessary. With bulletproof invisibility shield function for those tricky 'Spin to the rescue' moments.

Fred said...

Always happy to be your 5th thing. Things are looking up, aren't they?

Mark said...

I'm sure I missed the post... came out in what way exactly?

hippychick said...

Thanks for the kudos Spin! See ya tamari :)

Lord Bargain said...

It's Spin on the back of mighty Falcor!

(my cat looks a bit like Falcor from the Never Ending Story, oddly)

I think ActionSpin would have a fully kitted out Spinmobile. Like the Batmobile but instead of a horn, it says "remember you're a good person" loudly.

spinsterwitch said...

Today started out badly, but then it has taken a turn for the better. Strangely, it was a work meeting that helped me be more up.

A Spinmobile like Batman (the newest movie!) would be tres cool.

Mark - You may have missed a post...I don't think I ever made a grand announcement. I'm bisexual.

Aravis said...

The thought of ActionSpins puts a smile on my face, too. We'll have to find a way to make it happen. There are businesses that do this sort of thing. *G*

Mark said...

Hooray Spin. I haven't announced it either, but I am a 'lapsed' bi, if you know what I mean. I haven't slept with a man for quite awhile, and I can't see it happening again in my current circumstances. I don't mention it blogways, because it's not particularly anyones business but mine.

Mark said...

I thought I'd posted a comment,obv. it didn't get through.I see myself as a lapsed bisexual, and in the current circumstances can't forsee sleeping with someone new in the future. Though it's not really anyone's business to be frank,well, no more than the business of me and anyone I go to (or have gone to) bed with.