Sunday, January 08, 2006

"In the time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey"

Started packing today. I moved a carload over to the new place. A lot of stuff is going to be in boxes until B moves out because there's just not as much storage in that place. I've a growing pile of stuff in my living room which is the stuff I will be trying to sell or donate away. I've already thrown 2 trash bags out. It feels a bit unnerving because a good portion of that pile is books. Some of those books I just will never read and some I'll never want to reference again. So on they go.

But that wasn't really what I wanted to talk about.

I wanted to talk about identity...about names. I've been thinking about this moniker that I chose for myself a lot lately. Most of you know the story...a little less than 10 years ago, I was on a listserv. I used my own name for awhile on it, but most of the women were choosing screen names (as an aside, names with the word wolf in it predominated because we were working through themes in Women Who Run With the Wolves).

I chose spinsterwitch. Spinster because, legally, in some states, I would be designated a spinster on deeds of sale or mortgages...also because I wanted to reclaim the term to have it mean what it originally meant: "one who spins." There's all sorts of spider images that are in there too...because I'm "spinning" on the "Web." (yeah, yeah...bear with me) Witch felt like a no-brainer. I am a witch. So there it is.

After I left the listserv, I really didn't give much thought to the name. It was in my e-mail, but I often had other e-mail that I used. But when the idea of a blog came up, I resurrected it for the screen name. The interesting bit is that I have evolved so much during the time in which I've had this blog...and I've taken so many risks as spinsterwitch, that in some ways I feel more like Spins than I do that other part of me with that other name.

Oh, it's not a real split, of course. And I still love my given name (I've talked about the history behind it before), but there's a part of me that feels so grounded in the name of Spinsterwitch. I've just realized, as I've been writing, that it feels a little like the name that a person would have in Native societies...a true name, a name with power in it, the name you don't just give to anyone.

So this whole diatribe has given me an idea...well, it's a spin off on an idea of Mystic's from awhile back. Tell me, if you want to play, what name you feel best suits my character. It can be a "real" name (like Cathy or Jane) or a "blog" name (like HippyChick or BeeDragon). No prize, just a little bit of amusement for my dreaded Monday back at work!


cutie said...

I got this goofy little dog several years ago and a friend of mine told me she looked like a Janet. To this day, I can't look at my friend without remembering this and thinking..'you have issues'. I mean, who wants to name a dog, Janet???? Anyway, I named her Madchen as she is the sweetest little girl.

Sorry, tangent....but I think Spins fits you just right.


Alecya Giovanni said...

This will sound funny, I am sure, but to me, I don't really feel like it matters what name you give yourself. Of course, you will always be "Spins" to me because that is how I met you, so I suppose it would be hard to separate that idea.

You are an incredible woman, with so many diverse qualities, that I think hunting down a name that suits you would be difficult.

I like Spins...but 'a rose by any other name...' right?

the urban fox said...

Spin suits you, it sounds dynamic and untamed. Your real name is good too though. If forced to think of a third option, I'd come up with something a bit Greek goddess-ish (Athena? Hera? Artemis?) I think.

Aravis said...

Taking up where Fox left off:


if you were to change from Spins. But like everyone else, I think Spinsterwitch (Spins) suits you. Your given name is pretty, too. :0)

Fred said...

Add my vote to the rest. Spin sounds great to me. I wouldn't change a thing.

Flash said...

How's about Wendy? No?

Ok, Spins it is then!

(I do feel the 2nd S is vital though)

Johnnyboy said...

"Spins" is quite nice, yes...Maybe with a 'z', as in 'Spinz'. I think a 'y' would be phonetically challenging (Spyns), plus it looks goofy. I really like your blog, and since Aravis has showed me some spells, I have woven yours to mine. Ala-Kazzam!

Matt said...

I like Spinny. Of course you could always use Spinny, the queen of all things...vegetables?

spinsterwitch said...

Well, I guess Spins or Spinny it stays, eh?

Welcome to my blog Johnnyboy...I'll give a wander over to yours later, and someday, I'll be updating my links (I swear!).