Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Two posts in one day! How amazing. But not really, considering that this post is inspired by the most painful hypocrisy which will be inflicted on the American public, and indeed, the world tonight.

What are you talking about, Spins?

Sadly, tonight is the "State of the Union" address. For those of you not familiar, this is the night in which our president presents to Congress his view of how well things are going and his vision of how to improve. It's interspersed with applause from one side of the aisle and frowns from the other, all the while the Supreme Court Justices (with new justice Alito just making the deadline for his front row seat) try to keep their smirking under control. Some hapless citizen will no doubt be seated next to Laura in the balcony to be highlighted during the speech so that the prez can pretend he's actually in touch with what life is like for most people in this country.

All this would be hard enough to stomach, but then I saw a headline today, which literally made me do a doubletake. It said, "Bush to say 'Americans addicted to oil' in speech tonight." Upon further elaboration, he is going to stress the need to become less dependent on foreign oil supplies found in unstable regions. I can't tell you how this makes my blood boil! First, your family is in bed with one of the most powerful foreign oil regimes in the world. Second, you get us into a war for oil which has destabilized a region in a foreign land...a war which continues to take lives and feed the pockets of your family, friends and political cronies. And, third, you bow constantly to auto industry objections to implementing requirements for fuel economy in existing technology.


The same article also mentioned that he would be talking about how it's the government's responsibility to provide healthcare for the poor and elderly...this hard on the heels of one of the biggest health fiascos in recent history: Medicare Part D. Don't even get me started on this disaster (which is designed to profit the drug companies).

*deep breath*

I, thank the gods, have to see clients tonight and won't have to feel guilty about not watching it.

*stepping off my soapbox*


P'tit-Loup said...

Thank God for cable, so we can watch something else. I must confess I never feel guilty for not watching that bad joke some folks call a president. I'll be content to watch Jon Stewart make fun of him and look to online evaluations of the speach. Any parts I watch never fail to turn my stomach. If he agrees to support the health care of the poor and elderly, I wonder what other catch is there for all of us, it certainly could not be for the welfare of anyone that is not in bed with his cronies.

Aravis said...

All that ever comes out of his mouth is double-speak, half-truths and outright lies. Normally I watch and my head explodes. This year, however, I'm trying to find some inner peace, so I skipped the address for the most part. Feeling wonderfully serene as a result. *G*

the urban fox said...

Fourth, his family made their millions in the oil industry.

That particular part really is pushing the limits of what you'd expect him to say. Incredible.

Flash said...

If Blair did such a speech I wouldn't bother with that either.

If I want to hear people spouting lots of untruths in a sickeningly unpleasant way, I watch Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger's post match interviews.

Sorry Americans, English football talk!

Mr-Mystic said...

I just thank my lucky stars that I was not born 66 years ago, in Nazi Germany.

Johnnyboy said...

I think it's amazing that the Idiot started talioking about science. of all subjects. Isn't he the "No Science" guy? His level of denial and bubble living is astounding...And then they throw Cindy Sheehan out for speaking her mind! Welcome to the Police Sate!