Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"We're gonna rock around the clock tonight"

My life is not that exciting lately. I feel like I've been working around the clock. The strangest part is living with someone again. B has a very different schedule than I do....she's early to bed, early to rise. She's in bed around 8 or 8:30 and is up at 6 a.m. I'm generally heading to bed around 11 and up around 7:30.

She's also more tidy than I am, generally. This is a good thing for me, as I'm forced to keep pace.

I'm pretty sure that the antidepressants are working. The side-effects have significantly lessened (or gone away). I noticed yesterday that some pretty significant things which would have really overwhelmed me even just a week or two ago, I was able to let go of better. And this a.m., I found myself smiling as I drove to work...not because I was going to work, mind, but because my commute is so blessedly short (I wouldn't have driven, even, but I want to go straight to the other apartment after work to get some cleaning started).

It seems a little strange to "be on an even keel" after feeling down for such awhile. But I'm pretty sure I can get used to it!

So my DSL should be up and running in 2 to 4 weeks, apparently. I'm not sure why it takes that long, but there it is. Until then, there will be sporadic postings only when I get the chance.

Have a good Wednesday all!


writinginAK said...

I"m so glad to hear that you're feeling more even-keeled and that the anti-depressants seem to be working and the side effects seem to be leveling out -- woo-hoo! Be gentle with yourself these days -- you're going through a lot of major transitions and upheaval, which is a challenge under the best of circumstances!
It's minus 15 degrees in Anchorage today ... the good news is that we've gotten about a foot and a half of snow in the last week or so. Now if only it would warm up, maybe I could play outside! Monday should be "hardware removal" day, so we're hoping for more mobility soon for my hockey-playing partner! be well, dear ... big hugs!

I think my word verification today is saying something about my dog's breath, but I'm not quite sure what (except that it might be related to the garbage he's been eating...): dguwfbrf.

Hippy Chick said...

I agree with AK - be easy on yourself even while you're starting to feel better. Moving can take a lot out of you not to mention working two jobs. Always good to hear about you smiling though :) Hope things keep getting better and better and before you know it you'll be flying across the pond ;)

Mr-Mystic said...

I am so glad you're feeling better. Depression is horrible. I know because thats what I have been lately. You have made my day. I like good news.

the urban fox said...

Marvellous that you're starting to feel cheerier. Excellent news!

Fred said...

Glad things are rolling right along. Keep it going!!

Aravis said...

I'm so happy for you Spins! May you find yourself smiling often. :0)