Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Yes, I'm wise, but it's wisdom born of pain"

So I had to post earlier today (and I'll probably still post tonight)...but I have a wee bug in my brain.

Ka has an intriguing post on her site. It's about women and dating and the question of whether women can "have it all" and still be desireable. In response to it, Alecya commented "I used to consider myself a feminist, but as I have settled into the lesbain version of married life, I am not sure I am anymore." And further, on AG's site, ST comments "I'm not sure if she's exactly a feminist, but she is great." (In reference to the legend, Ka, herself.)

So I've been agitating (because I obviously need more things to occupy my brain) just what people think when they imagine a feminist or feminism? Do you consider yourself a feminist (and this question is for both the women and the men of my readership)? Why or why not?

See now this should be more interesting than reading about the train wreck that was my day yesterday, don't you think...


Alecya Giovanni said...

Wanted you to know I love you and am pulling for you. life isn't much fun some days, is it?

I am posting a feminist manifesto later today. It'll clear out that nasty thing I posted earlier. Not to mention, its been far too long since I have posted about how cool it is to be a woman.

the urban fox said...

Yes I do consider myself a feminist. In the sense that the word "feminism" is taken to mean "believing in complete equality between the sexes in every way". Actually, in all senses (but not the misandrist misuse of the word).

I find it hard to believe any woman could take the idea of innate male superiority seriously, so any woman who makes a point of telling you "I'm not a feminist" (see: various female celebrities) sounds a bit odd to me. I always assume they're just trying to sound non-threatening to appease those who think women should know their place.

Incidentally, anyone who utters the words "Feminism has won the day, there's no sexism any more" in my presence should bring a packed lunch and a blanket, as an enraged 5 hour lecture will follow.

This proviso also applies to the following topics:
"There's no institutional racism any more";
"If you don't want kids, it means you're selfish";
"The Smiths aren't very good".

sunshine said...

Question: If you were to come across a man who was abusing a dog who had just attacked him, who would you try to rescue.

The man brutally attacking the dog; or the dog that was brutally attacking the man?

Hyde said...

Feminism is a difficult issue for me. Of course I'm a feminist. But I'm also a misogynist. Big time. Maybe I'll post about all this some time, because it's way too much for me unravel in a comment...


Fred said...

My job for 23 years was an HR person who constantly defended the rights of all employees, including women.

Common sense tells me to do the same thing, even though it's not my job.

So, maybe I'm a feminist.

P'tit-Loup said...

I do consider myself a feminist, although despite my age I never burned my bras. I believe there is still much to do to bring equality to all, and women in particular. I grew up seeing my intelligent, educated mother be expected to lead a dependent existence and be very frustrated about it. Even her own father did not believe that she should receive the type of education that would have led her to independence. While I see that many gains have been made, there are still many barriers that need to be addressed.