Monday, February 20, 2006

"I don't what you're looking for"

I had another pretty vivid dream last night: I was at a pagan event, like some that I've attended in the past, and was making beef stew for the dinner after. I even ate some of the beef stew. That's a little strange. I haven't eaten beef for about 6 years. But it does bring up the fact that I've started eating fish again maybe once a week. When I was doing research on depression on the internet, there were some studies which indicated that eating fish could reduce the chance of depression. We'll see. I've never been a great fish fan, but it does allow me to eat shellfish without regret.

My days, lately, have seemed singularily unexceptional. I get up and read for a bit. Get ready for work. Go to work. Come back home (sometimes I see client's before going home). Watch a little TV. Read a little. Go to bed. Today's variation on this theme was my trip to the grocery and making a stir-fry for dinner.

So I don't know what to blog...So I'm going to leave it to you...ask me a question, suggest a topic, direct me to a meme. Anything!


Aravis said...

I think the fish thing is due to Omega 3, according to the little research I've done on the subject. So if eating the fish bothers you, you can substitute Omega 3 pills instead.

Ok, here you go:

If you could compete in any Olypic event, what would it be? You can choose one for summer and one for winter.

Is there a sport not currently included in the Olympic games that you'd like to see added? For example, in-line skating still isn't an Olympic sport, a fact which cause Chad Hedrick and John Cheek to switch from in-line skating to speed skating quite successfully. But shouldn't their original sport become an Olympic one?

Guess what's on the television in the other room as I write these questions... *G*

Bee said...

Here's a question for you. If you woke up one morning to find you had suddenly acquired the ability to read people's thoughts, who would be the first person you'd seek out so you could have a good riffle through their mind? And how would you use your newly-acquired powers?

shorty said...

If you were to run for President in 2008, what would your campaign pitch be?

If you would have just won the lottery for the 365 million, who would you tell first and what would be your first purchase?

Mr-Mystic said...

I think you should start up a monthly post where you give a little analysis online.