Sunday, February 19, 2006

Random post #364

Yay! I now have the DSL up and running again at home. And speaking of home, here are pictures of the new place that I hadn't had a chance to show you before.

This is one half of the front room.

This is the other half of the front room.

The lovely kitchen.


And here's my roommate, B. (She didn't want her face on the internet, so we compromised.)

There's also a dining area (not a room...more like a nook). It's full of stuff right now. When B moves up to Oregon, I will be unpacking all of that and moving my computer into the dining nook for an office. I can then rearrange the frontroom - I'm not yet sure how it will be.

Despite having to go in for a 2 1/2 hour CPR training at work this a.m., the day has gone really nicely. I took a good nap. I read my trashy novel...listened to music.

Tomorrow is the President's Day holiday. (It's about halfway between Lincoln and Washington's Birthdays, or something like that.) About half the country gets this as a 3 day weekend. I do not. So sad.

I was planning to blog about some of the deep thoughts I had today after my nap, but I just got done watching 3 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with B and now there are no deep thoughts in my head. Ah, television, the opiate of the masses.


Aravis said...

The new place looks cozy. :0) And while Buffy may have wiped out all profundity brewing in your fertile mind, the show is certainly worth it! *G*

the urban fox said...

Looks great, Spinny. And I certainly can't argue with a bit of thought-free Buffy time either. You deserve it!

P'tit-Loup said...

Nice thoughtless Sunday, that sounds great! My thoughts have been eaten up by watching too much hockey!
The place looks great.

Alecya Giovanni said...

Nice place :)