Friday, February 17, 2006

Some Friday Fun

So I just discovered that the local coffee spot has internet access for cheap. So here I am providing you with a fun little link for the weekend. Find out what kind of dog you are. I'm a Golden Retriever...not a big shock.

My weekend's a busy one. Tonight, I'm meeting up with Executive Director for dinner. Tomorrow, I am going over to Hippy Chick's and Bee Dragon's in the afternoon. They are having people over to work on creative projects and just hang out together. Sunday, I have to be up early to go in to work to recertify in CPR. Then I actually have the whole day free.

Winter has come back to the Bay Area. The night before last, it got into the 30s, and, although it may not have been that cold last night, I turned the heat on in the apartment for the first time since moving there. So, if the weather continues to be chilly and rainy, Sunday may be filled with curling up with a good book. We'll see.

Saw 2 movies this week - Munich and Capote. They were both well done, but I can't say that I enjoyed either one. Munich left me so keyed up afterward. And Capote just left me feeling kind of slimy. The man was such a narcissist (or that's how he was portrayed anyway). I don't like what either movie had to say about the nature of being human. I just want to hug everyone I know.


the urban fox said...


*seizes the moment*

Have a great weekend Spin.

the urban fox said...

PS: I'm a Siberian husky, apparently.

Alecya Giovanni said...

Me too, foxy! *laughs*

I'm actually allergic to them. My aunthas one. He's cute. But he has an overbite. Looks like a bit of an oaf.

I think you'd make a great Golden, Spinny....

shorty said...

I'm a siberian husky too.

What a group we are....forgetful, yet so smart and keep to ourselves.

Wait, that's not us at all.

My Aunt use to have one too AG, hmmmm.

Hyde said...

Spins, I'm a Golden Retreiver like you! I just saw Munich too. It left me unsettled, but I was surprised at how well done it was. I still want to see Capote before Oscar time. I've been playing catch up. Enjoy the book, if need be... What are you reading?

Matt said...

Yet anotehr Siberian Husky. Have a great weekend Spinny.

Aravis said...

I tried twice- you get some different questions- but I still wound up being a Siberian Husky. Those dogs are energetic and love to run, neither of which particularly match me. But they're great dogs, so I'll take it all the same. It puts me in good company here! ;0)

But Goldens are sweeter and more friendly, a good match for Spins.

Mr-Mystic said...

I want to see both movies. When i do go to see movies like that i don't always expect them to be uplifting.

I will see any movie with seymour Hoffman. Just for the acting.

Charby said...

I got a siberian husky too!
I claim fix.
Everyone knows the best dog ever is a golden labrador, although retrievers come close!

P'tit-Loup said...

That makes a pack of us! I came up siberian husky too! Spin, if you ever are stranded in the snow, you know you have your dog sled team ready to pick you up!