Thursday, February 16, 2006

"London calling to the underground"

I’ve begun obsessing (even more) about my upcoming trip. I finally booked a hotel this week, so that seems to make it feel more real. But it’s 6 weeks away, and it’s difficult, when you are so excited about being some place else to be present in the place you are at (especially, if that place is work!). To top off the obsession, when I got in the car last night to go home, the song in the title was playing on the radio. I told B, and she laughed her ass off.

My life has, otherwise, been shuffling along. No drama like last week. No new projects to keep me sharp. Just a week like so many others. Except…

I’ve been having extremely vivid dreams. Two nights ago, I dreamt that 2 giant ants attacked and killed a giant fly in front of me. Last night, I dreamt I was at a social work conference, and I went outside for a break and saw someone hitting a child. I had to go save the child and make the person understand that this was wrong. I ended up making a report to Child Protective Services in my dream.

Normally, I don’t remember my dreams. I’m thinking that the reason they are so vivid suddenly is that it’s allergy season again. I sleep really deeply when my allergies are bad. So I think when I wake up, I’m not coming awake gradually, but directly from REM sleep.

Tomorrow, I’m going out to buy a longer cord for my phone connection, and then I can see if they’ve gotten my DSL all straightened out again. So I’m hoping to post again this weekend. Otherwise, have a good weekend.


SwissToni said...

we're looking forward to seeing you too Spins!

Mr-Mystic said...

patiently awaiting your post.

You have a good weekend to.

Aravis said...

I love dreams, the more bizarre the better! *G* I hope they get your DSL straightened out. :0)

Ka said...

The lead up to an exotic holiday is often as much fun as the holiday itself! Enjoy it!

Both your dreams involve you witnessing something being hurt at the hands (legs?) of another. How interesting.