Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens"

Things I Love!

Dogs! All kinds of dogs. I love watching them. I love petting them. I love being around them.

Flannel sheets…there’s nothing like it in the winter. They aren’t as cold when you crawl in them, and they are so soft on the skin.

Flowers – the bright, wondrous beauty of them, the way they smell, the feeling of their petals.

Pizza and beer. Many years ago, I would have scoffed that I would place pizza on a list of things I love. I guess I’ve matured.

Watching skateboarding and surfing. I think this is somehow connected to the pizza thing.

Art in it’s many forms. Sometimes a line of a poem, or a particular painting, or some other expression of emotion in the world will just make me feel suspended for a moment.

Stories…this is why I love history and, I must admit, part of why I love doing therapy. I am entrusted with people’s stories. The variety of people’s experiences in the world is so awesome.

Warm afternoons, with nothing to do…especially nice if I am outside watching the clouds go by or sitting on the beach (in the shade or I burn).

Trivial Pursuit. I could play this game all the time.

Dancing. I love to feel my body moving. I used to dance in church…it felt like the truest form of worship.

Singing. There’s something so satisfying about belting out a good song.

Laughter – I don’t think I need to explain this one.

What things do you love?


the urban fox said...

Happy co-bloggers! Especially when it's Spinnyspinspin.

Dancing, singing, laughing, stories, warm afternoons, flowers, art... yes, I share all these.

Will think about what else I love and come back with more.

Aravis said...

What a wonderful list!

I enjoy many of the same things. Other things might include discovering new people, places and things, the smell of the air after it rains, the sound of my cats' purring or the sight of them playing, lunch dates with friends and family, arriving at a locale I've always dreamed of visiting. I can think of lots more, but I'll leave some for others to add. :0)

P'tit-Loup said...

A friend of mine started a dance chruch here in SLO. If you come down on a sunday, we'll have to stop by! The Spin Doctor committed to DJing for them twice this month, and I need to get a full report on the event from him. Anything with the word church sorta makes me bristle. But that's my own issue.

Bee said...


Sunlight reflected off water onto the underside of a bridge.

Finding myself deep in conversation with someone and suddenly realising that I have something interesting to say after all.

Unexpectedly hearing a song I love.

Making a really good curry, or taking a home-baked cake out of the oven.

Sleeping, and having interesting dreams.

The birth of a really good idea.

A certain shade of blue, especially when it's used in a piece of art.

SwissToni said...

hearing a record for the first time and having the urge to dance, wherever I am and whatever I'm doing.

getting immersed in a good book.

waking up in a dapple of sunshine


a purring, padding cat


a good, hot shower.

The slow and painful death of jar-jar binks

loads of stuff. I may be back as more occurs to me.