Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Well, I woke up this morning and said, "I'm going to make somebody love me."*


It’s good to see you back so chipper and positive. It’s been a long time since you’ve been forward-looking and free with your laughter.

In fact, over the past several months, you’ve been even more down on yourself than usual. Your darkness has been more present than your light. It’s hard to shake those negative ideas about yourself, so I had the idea that I should write you to remind you of all the reasons that you are loved.

You connect with people and have such empathy. You get what people are saying and you deeply listen. This is a valuable skill – one that should never be taken for granted or dismissed as something that anyone can do. And you approach people with such kindness and interest.

You are talented. You write…fiction, non-fiction, poetry…and people enjoy what you have written. You paint. I know it’s just a “fun” thing, but that should not diminish the fact that people really like what you create. You really like what you create! You can cook and are creative and comfortable with foods. This has made for many happy tummies. You dance, woman! Sure you may not be trained or always be elegance on the dance floor, but what you lack in talent you make up for in enthusiasm.

You are a beautiful woman! Don’t object, not today. I know there are parts that you don’t find perfect, but who wants perfection anyway? Perfection is a dead-end. You are curvy and your face is that lovely scandanavian model – high cheekbones and rosy cheeks. And your smile lights up your face. Your hair is that beautiful reddish gold of dark honey.

You are intelligent and interested in lots of cool things: history, science, religion/spirituality, animals, politics just to name a few. And you have those adorable quirks: your trashy novels, the way you love to tell trivial stories about trivial actions or objects, the way you think of every dog as a “puppy” no matter the age.

You have a laugh that fills a room. You can sit in silence when you need to. You are curious about the world you live in. You are simply something special.

Never doubt that you are loved. Never doubt that you are loving.

Peace, blessings, and love in this journey, my friend.



* Yes, yes, it's the second lyric from the same song in a very short amount of time, but it was just so appropriate.


hippy chick said...

Couldn't have put it better m'self. Happy Valentine's Day my dear lovely, and much-loved, friend :)

Lord Bargain said...

they say learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all, and on this day of all days, that's a great start.

You are quite correct in your reasoning also. Talented, empathetic, beautiful....

Flash said...

Wise words, missy!

Aravis said...

How wonderful, all the more so because it's true! I can't tell you the number of times you've shared something that comforted me or made me feel less alone. You make me smile and add joy to the lives of those who know you. I hope you had a great day today, and an amazing one tomorrow! :0)

Alecya Giovanni said...

I hope I get to see a lot more letters like this in the future. You're an amazing woman. Its good to see you believing it too.


the urban fox said...

Hey, what a great penpal you'd make!

Excellent to see you reaching this stage of self-aware positivity. It's all absolutely true. Three cheers for YOU, lovely Spinny.