Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Don't try suicide"

I received an e-mail a couple of days ago from a friend who is participating in a walk to raise money for an organization that raises public awareness about suicide and also funds public helplines for people who are suicidal.

Many of us, over the past year that I've been blogging, have dealt with bouts of depression to greater or lesser degrees. I have shared my own struggles with all of you on this blog. At the worst of it, I was shocked to find myself contemplating an ending to my own life. It was what made me realize that I needed more help...that maybe I couldn't pull myself out of this on my own.

A little over a year ago, a former classmate successfully committed suicide. It was a helpless and painful experience. And experience with the legacy of a family suicide has left an incredible impact on me.

If you are interested in supporting my friend, you can go here. Click on the button to support a participant and search for Adriene Diamond.


Alecya Giovanni said...

That is a wonderful organization. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction. I think its sad that people feel so isolated and afraid now. Its both the blessing and the curse of the internet, that we can be so connected, and yet so far away. That we can find help and support from people who won't judge, you know?

but then, people need real people too, I suppose. A group to help that awareness, its great. Having had it touch my life with someone I love, I know how hard it can be to lose someone. you feel helpless.

Kudos, Spinny.

How many days, now?

spinsterwitch said...

4 days!

P'tit-Loup said...

Great Link Spin.

4-3-2-1!!!!!! So close. I am so exited for you! Take lots of pics for us all to see when you come back.

Aravis said...

One of my aunts is doing this too. In addition to my father, one of my best friends killed himself in the mid '90's. It was so sad, and such a waste. But I've been suicidal too and I know how it feels as though your life has already been sucked right out of you. That feeling of hopelessness is terrible. I'm glad there's help out there. Thanks for sharing about this.