Thursday, March 30, 2006


My psyche must be very disturbed right now. My dreams last night were particularly vivid and disturbing...mixing erotic images with pain and torture. There was a murder and a suicide...there was some sort of enslavement of two men. For the most part, I wasn't apart of all the action. It was more like I was watching a movie. But I didn't like it - I wouldn't have chosen it.

When I woke my sinuses ached and my eyes were all puffy. I was cranky about having to go to work - especially because we are in the midst of a difficult situation with a patient these days. I just want the work part of my day over, so I can start looking forward to the weekend a bit. It is my last work day before I leave and I do feel like I'm leaving things mostly caught up. That feels good. But the stress of the particular situation is painful...probably what most of my dream was about last night.

A good bit of news is that for most of today, it is supposed to not rain. We've only had 3 days so far this month that it hasn't rained. I think I'm going to be well prepared for London weather!

Strangely, I was cheered up this a.m. by something which probably would have made me grouchy on any other day. I called my pharmacy to ask about an early refill for a medication that will run out while I'm away. The staff person was very abrupt and rude. I had the distinct impression that I was impinging on his valuable time. When I hung up the phone, my first thought was, "Well, at least my day isn't that bad!"

So let's hope we all have a much better Thursday than the PharmacyGuy.


shorty said...

Not everyone can have a good day, apparently it's his turn.

Give Flash a squeeze for me.

Have a safe trip.

Matt said...

That is such an awesome perspective.

P'tit-Loup said...

That is a very uplifting way to look at that situation. I'm unfortunately very apt at catching those bad humor moods and usually end up just as irritated as the person making the comment. Good for you Spin. Only one more day!!!!

Aravis said...

I love your positive attitude. Hopefully his day improved. I know I've said it before but I'm so excited for you. This trip sounds great!

Charby said...

Bloody cheek!
I'll have you know that we're all on drought-watch here, and on hosepipe bans otherwise the nice weatherman on BBC London will shout at us as its been that dry!

*Glances out of window at the rain pissing it down*

Alecya Giovanni said...

Are you passing out Squeezes Spinny? That sounds like fun.

It must be that time again for all of us. Do you remember, a few months back, you had said something about one of my posts, and we decided I was "in heat"? I think my dreams are in heat right now, I've been havnig tons of them, so very vivid I try to wake mysdelf up if I am lucid enough to do so. Some, of course, are very plesant and I don't want to wake up, but I've been dreaming a lot lately too. Come think of it, a lot of the people I know who are "dreamers" have been having them. Sometimes I wonder if we are all connected somehow.

Onto something more cheerful, I hope you have a good day, and a very, very fine trip. And a safe one.

Lots of love-