Monday, March 06, 2006

A girl and her dog

Okay, so Scout isn't my dog, but we did have a very good weekend together.

It started out a little shaky on Friday night because Scout appears to have difficulty with short-term memory and forgot I was her long-lost friend from Monday night. But we soon straightened out the confusion (I think the doggy biscuits helped), and soon we were snuggling on the bed. I think that the snuggling on the bed gave Scout the wrong impression however, and she soon commenced an attempt to hump my leg. Really not the sort of thing I'm into when it comes to interspecies relationships, so I shooed her away. She was well-behaved the rest of the evening, but I soon learned that she is something of a bed hog, and she sleeps like a log. It was quite an experience.

We went for 2 long walks on Saturday. I was grinning from ear-to-ear as we walked along. There is something about having a dog on a leash and being out in the fresh air that just makes me happy.

Sunday was much the same with Scout, except she was sadly disappointed that I was deterred from our evening walk by the torrential rain and wind. There wasn't television hooked up, except for VCR and DVD. So I watched Ghost (OMG it's awful!) and Where the "Bleep" am I? (interesting, although I'm familiar with the concepts already).

Well, I just wanted to post a quick note today. I'm off to sit with a co-worker who's a little out of it, until our supervisor can take her home.


Mr-Mystic said...

The Good thing about having a short memory is thatwhen you eventually leave, Scout wont miss you for long.

On the down side that wont help you very much.

Matt said...

It always amazes me when I go visit friends with dogs. I can come back two days later and the dogs get excited like I'm brand new.

Charby said...

Any pics of Scout forthcoming?

Alecya Giovanni said...

When we first got my Annie she did that, but I understood it meant she liked me. She's never done it again. I couldn't imagine sleeping with a dog, though, I barely get sleep with 2 cats! Its amazing how much space a small animal can take up.

the urban fox said...

Yes! Pics of you and Scout please! Glad she's been enhancing your days, apart from the lewd acts of course... the doity dawg.