Friday, March 03, 2006

WARNING: Post idea blatantly stolen from our lovely Alecya

She has this great post on what her drink choices are. I'm intrigued...and in need of a topic for today. I'll probably not be around a computer until Sunday - so enjoy!

Coffee - I drink it. I had my first taste of coffee from my mother's cup when she would sit after church at coffee hour. I don't remember if I liked the taste at that time, but by the time I was 12 I was ordering coffee with my meals at restaurants just like my parents. I drank it with cream, for which I was endlessly teased. I switched to decaf when I was 28 and am now so caffeine sensitive that, yesterday, I had a half a cup of caffeinated coffee and was buzzing until well into the evening. I drink it both black and with cream/soymilk these days.

Tea - I love Earl Grey, but not the decaffeinated kind, so I pretty much don't drink real tea anymore. I drink herbal concoctions...unsweetened. My best bet for nausea or this monthly cramps is strong mint tea.

Soda - I don't drink sodas anymore. I used to drink them a lot, but once I cut out caffeine that left me with just Sprite/7-Up mostly. I hate that they put caffeine into everything now. I will occassionally drink a cream soda (with a bag of salt & vinegar potato PMS craving food).

Water - I don't drink enough of this. I've passed several kidney stones...and why do I have kidney stones you ask? Because I don't drink enough water. Part of the reason why I don't is that I have a seriously overactive bladder...always have. Drinking water means more trips to the bathroom, which causes lot's of teasing (at best) or annoyance (at worst) from others.

Wine - I'm a Californian. I love wine. White wine for me because even though I like the flavor of red, I get headaches from just a glass. I would argue with Alecya that white wine is sophisticated. I think it's just fine. I prefer Chardonnay, as a rule. Something fruity and smooth.

Beer - I like most beers (except for Bud or Miller). My favorite all-time is McEwans Scotch Ale. Sweet and dark.

Scotch - I pretty much don't mind blended whiskey (once I got beyond my snobbishness of single malt), but I really do like the single malt scotch the best. Something nice and peaty, like Oban or Laphraoig. And I'm with AG - serve it neat. I had the absolutely horrifying experience while in Las Vegas of ordering a scotch neat...but they had refridgerated it and it was cold! I just didn't understand.

When I was little and my parents would have a cocktail on New Year's eve. They would make us Shirley Temples. I absolutely loved them and I went through a period of making them all the time. I haven't had one of those in ages...

Does anyone out in blogland remember Pop Stop pop? I think it was a midwestern phenomenon. They were so cool. They came in recyclable glass bottles that you would return to the store when you picked up your next case of pop. They came in tons of flavors and you would get a plastic crate to fill with whatever mix you wanted.

You all have a good weekend!


Alecya Giovanni said...

I love you, I really do.

I think people mock me for liking white wine because around my parts women drink it because they don't like heacy wines and want something that tastes more like juice. Of course, I like the good stuff. You know, the kind I can't afford ;)

I didn't know there was another way to drink scotch or whiskey for such a long time. I get angry when people mess with a good thing. I admit, though, if i shoot it I have to have a soda chaser, but then, I drink my soda hot too....

Mystery just put me on to mint tea for cramps and its amazing. She has all sorts of holistic tea solutions, Ineed to write them down.

Overactive bladder? Party of two, please.

SwissToni said...

hyperactive bladder? me too.

I drink a lot of coffee and work, but also a lot of water.

I take my whiskey neat, and like you Spins, I like it so peaty that it almost tastes phenolic. Laphroig, Lagavulin. mmmm. I also like vanilla-y Bourbons like Elijah Craig. Smoother and a wholly different drink.

For the record, the way you are "supposed" to drink a single malt, is with a dash of cool water, ideally from the source used at the distillery. The idea is to take the sting out of the alcohol so that you can taste the flavour better.

I also drink beer. If it's available, I'll drink a proper pint of English bitter. If not, I'll drink lager, and I have a liking for belgian beers and pale ale.


Of sparkling waters, I like the naturally carbonated the best. Badoit by choice.

And a nice, meaty red wine.


P'tit-Loup said...

ST you're making me drool. Although I don't know much about whiskey, but wine beers, a good tequilla, gin, vodka, fernet (ahhh fernet) I had while traveling through europe last summer. I love coffee and some teas, mostly herbal, no sodas though, or at least not usually.

Hyde said...

Hmmm... I drink my whiskey on the rocks. And I LOVE it that way!!!

Flash said...

One more for the weak bladder brigade!

I live on coffee, chilled lager & vodka. For pure thirstquenching joy though, I head to the fridge & take a swig of ice cold milk straight from the bottle.
Yum, I'm off to the fridge now actually!

Alecya Giovanni said...

cold milk? Oh you put Ice in it? My grandad used to do that...*shudders*

I cant drink vodka like I used to...its probably because I used to drink it the way I used to . Sort first thing in the, it was bad...