Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Hello, I'm going to London!

It's to that point. I can hardly think of anything else. And there's a lot I need to focus on. I need to complete online CEU courses, so I can renew my professional license. I still have 7 days of work and 8 days of clients. In the midst of it all, B and I are getting utilities into my name and I have to make sure that the lease is in my name.

It's all a bit crazy making.

And I still have people to get back to to firm up plans.

Okay, off to a busy day!


hippy chick said...

Of course you can't think about anything else, you leave a week from Saturday!!! :) Wooo hooo! I'm so jealous, maybe you can pack me in a suitcase :) I am very excited for you amiga!

Alecya Giovanni said...

I'm back! and you're getting ready to go away! I saw you did the meme. Yay!!!!!!

I don't blame you. I trip like that...I'd be thinking about it all the time too.

shorty said...

I too am very very jealous.

One day I will follow in your footsteps, I hope anyway.

Enjoy the trip, have a safe one and take a lot of pics w/ you and all your blogging pals.

Aravis said...

I don't blame you at all. I would be the same way!

Charby said...

London Yay!