Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Taking care of myself

So I've made the decision to drastically cut down on my computer usage at home, until such time as I can get an ergonomically appropriate desk at which to sit. I've been off my computer for 24 hours and my neck and shoulder already feel 100 times better. So unless I have no other computer access that day, I am not to be on the damned thing - and definitely no solitaire playing (which becomes obsessive and is a waste of time).

If I think of something more to add to my blog today, I'll add addendums (which is sort of a redundant of me to say, isn't it?).

Oh, and if you want some great motivation for your day go here and read the posters.

Update #1 - There was a bomb scare at West Oakland BART station this a.m. that shut down all service in and out of the East Bay right in the middle of rush hour. And the SF Chronicle is reporting that parts of Oakland are like a warzone these days. Just a brilliant PR day for the city I live in!

Update #2 - I have been trying to reintegrate seafood back into my diet (after reading about low incidence of depression in countries where fish consumption is higher...although I guess that's not really true of Japan with the highest suicide rate per capita), but sadly my system is not taking to it very well. I love shrimp and salmon, but I don't particularly like the results. Who knew?!


slskenyon said...

I was out in Oakland this past December. I was amazed at how green it was there at that time of year--it's nicer there then than it is in New England during July. Incredible.
As for computer usage...well....cutting down, yeah...

shadow51 said...

Yes, well, solitaire may be a waste of time but just to let you know that I am now past game number 6800 on freecell. And you may recall who started me on that.

Aravis said...

The studies I've read say that it's the Omega 3 in fish that help with depression. So if the fish isn't agreeing with you, you can buy Omega 3 at the pharmacy and get it that way.

As for the computer, I'm glad you've managed to locate a cause for the pain you're having. Update as much as you like instead if it helps. :0)

Flash said...

I only ever found solitaire addictive on work's time, odd that eh?