Thursday, March 23, 2006

I've run out of lyrics

That's a hard thing to maintain. Extra props to those who I'm taking a more relaxed stance to my blog titles. Lyrics when I can think of something...then just anything else that pops to mind otherwise.

WARNING: rather personal content to follow!

I have PMS. I have dealt with increasingly difficult PMS for the past several years...bloating, fatigue, sore breasts, crazy-monkey-anxiety, and my favorite, an increase in poor body esteem. Since I started taking birth control, this has mostly gone away. But last night, feeling a bit unwell, I curled up on my bed and the thought crept in (which hasn't crept in since my anti-depressants kicked in) that I was fat.

Now there is some reality to this...I've discussed it before. But there definitely is a correlation between my feelings about my body and my hormonal fluctuations. Of course, it probably didn't help that I watched Domino last night. Keira Knightley is not a friend when it comes to my body image!

There's nothing to do about this, really. Although I did wear an outfit today that consistently gets compliments. But mostly, I just have to wait for the changing of the hormones to kick in.

One blessed side-effect of my anti-depressants...I don't get that crazy-monkey-anxiety anymore. You can't know how much I hated that.

9 days and about 6 hours until I'm flying away!


P'tit-Loup said...

I am grateful to say that I did not experience much PMSing during my lifetime. (Maybe others will disagree and state that I had some emotional intensity, but I really don't think so. And the Kid reported that the mother of a friend would get downright crazed when PMSing, so I guess I was spared that) I think that we need more women of lager size on the screens, the toothpicks with large implants just don't look that great to me. (of course, I have a good size ass and no breast!)

Flash said...

My ex was a snarling, crazed, messed up bitch who was hell-bent on spitting fire in my general direction, but when she had PMS it got really bad!

Aravis said...

Oh Spinny, I get PMS too and you have my whole-hearted sympathy! Sending love and virtual chocolate your way...

Charby said...

Chocolate, when you can have Ice cream!

Using my powers learnt while working in my shop ~I suggest Evening Primrose as a hormone balancer

Matt said...

I've never been through it Spinny, but you're my hero.

Word verification: sikpluji

MrMystic said...

I heard that having sex regularly improves the PMS, period.