Monday, April 24, 2006

All the really cool kids are doing it!

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Yes, yes, I finally gave in. I was inspired by going through my music...and it is strangely addictive once you start. They are in a very rough order.

I just have to share, before I move on to my C section (hee, hee!), that I love where I live now. I went out tonight with Weenut (AKA SFBette). We had dinner and fabulous conversation at this place called Chow, in SF. Then I took MUNI to BART and got to my station...and on my 10 minute walk home from there, I could stop at the store to pick up some allergy medication. It's so convenient. It's lovely.

Okay, then, as if the gallery above was not overwhelming's on to the Cs:

Zoot Suit Riot, Cherry Poppin' Daddies - great dancing music.
Tears of Stone, The Chieftains
Tubthumper, Chumbawamba - I just can't give up this CD.
Unplugged, Eric Clapton - while not normally a Clapton fan, I really love this recording.
Clannad Greatest Hits, Clannad - I seem to have been going for a British influence in the Cs.
Congreso Bacardi de la Salsa, various artists - okay, not British...I bought this after taking a salsa class so that I could practice. I don't listen to it feels like the sort of thing to listen to when it gets hot and muggy outside - and that so rarely happens here.
One O'Clock Jump, Count Basie - brilliant musician.
A Crash Course in Roses, Catie Curtis - WritinginAK turned me on to this performer. I love her voice.
My Shirt Looks Good on You, Catie Curtis

Today was a good, if somewhat non-productive day. The best part, of course, was having dinner with a friend. Hope your day was good as well...and please keep those suggestions on what's missing in my collection coming. I'm taking notes.


Aravis said...

No musical suggestions, just glad you had a good day and that you like your new digs. *G*

Hippy Chick said...

Cake! I love that song "Going the Distance" - also I'm not surprised about Clannad - my friend Carmen (aka Rocker Chick) that came in Nov. turned me onto them even though I don't have any of their stuff - beautiful music!

MrMystic said...

I quite like your taste in music thanks for the preview.

SwissToni said...

are Clannad British or Irish? It might not seem like a big distinction to be making, but it definitely is!


spinsterwitch said...

ST - you are most porbably correct that they are Irish. I tend to not know exactly where the distinction lies.

Flash said...

Clearlake, Coldplay & Crowded House

sfbette said...

oooh! i had such a good time too!

and we were even home at a decent of these days, we'll go out on the weekend and stay out past 8 pm!!

oh -- and...
the damned - little miss disaster single
type o - the least worst
soft boys - can o' bees