Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Long day...

I had no allergy medicine yesterday, so when I woke up this a.m., my eyes did not want to open. I didn't really want to keep sleeping, but I was just so lethargic. Not a terribly good way to start the day.

And it was my long day. I work my regular 8 hours, then go to see 3 clients - getting home about 9:30 p.m. And I forgot to pack a good dinner, so I'm home now, hungry, waiting for eggs to boil because I have nothing really quick to eat (I did have an orange to up the blood sugar for the short term). And everything sucks on television tonight. After a day like today, I just want to sit in front of something amusing but not challenging or offensive and veg out. I'm probably going to resort to popping in a DVD I've watched a million times until I wind down enough to sleep.

And despite all that kvetching above, I really did have a good day. It's strange how it is, when I'm not feeling depressed, that these things can come up and they are annoying, but I know that when I wake up, I will be looking forward to something in the next day. Amazing.

I wish I had more important things to say, but really, my brain is mush, so I'm not going to try to be eloquent about anything.

Here's my D collection (it sort of makes them sound like they are almost failing, but it's not true!):

Some Great Reward, Depeche Mode - I did have the newest CD by DM, but it was, literally, a casualty of my move. So I'll have to invest in a new copy sometime soon.
Disapear Fear, Disappear Fear - Another band that WritinginAK introduced me to...this CD was the music of my first LVC year.
Live at the Bottom Line, Disappear Fear - the only time I saw them live was at a concert held in a church in DC. It wasn't a great venue, in terms of accoustics, sadly.
Believe, Disturbed - another one of those that I forgot to send back the reply card in time to avoid receiving from my CD club. I didn't hate it enough to sell it immediately, but it doesn't stand out particularly in my memory either.
Dochas, Dochas - This was a souvenir of my last trip to Scotland. They are an all-women group that play traditional Scottish instruments and sing in Gaelic. It's lovely.

Keep those suggestions of what I'm missing coming - I do recognize that I should have some Ani DiFranco, but what else?


Aravis said...

How about some Dixie Chicks? :0)

Hippy Chick said...

Duran Duran, ahh how I pined for Simon's lips back in the day...

Ka said...

I know you have one album, but Depeche Mode's Song of Faith and Devotion is among the greatest albums ever made, in my humblest of opinions.

Flash said...

Damn straight it is!!

Violator is also exceptional.

David Ford - Heartbreaking touching torch songs for the discerning listener. Pefect for hanging out a window if you were, say smoking a fag or something.

Del Amitri - Ok, so they're maybe a tad cheesy but there are lot's of quality songs & the lyrics often demand special attention.

The Divine Comedy - Neil Hannon is an overlooked genius. Fact.

MrMystic said...

Have a nice evening and get some rest...

Spider63 said...

Boiled eggs at night? I can smell that idea.

Alecya Giovanni said...

Ani D is all I can see lacking, of course, this late my brain doesnt function properly.

allergies are the worst arent they? We had a cold snap so as soon as I get a little relief I am sure it will start right back up again.

P'tit-Loup said...

Ds: The Duhks, the Doors, Miles Davis of course, Lila Downs, and I'm sure I forget some.

Sounds like a good albeit busy day!