Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A week of long days

I've just realized that yesterday's title could apply to most of the weekdays this week. Today was again a bad allergy day. Someone suggested that I try a tablespoon of local honey each day. She's had good experience with it - and honey is definitely not harmful. So I'll be off to find some local honey at the farmer's market this weekend. I'll let you know if it helps with the allergies.

FriendITease and I went over to have dinner with the LVC house tonight after work. It's been awhile since we've met with them - we've been slacking in our responsibilities. It was a good evening - very unstructured and nice to just catch up.

So I have exciting news to share - although for the local folks this will be old news...CollegeFriend, who I mentioned has been e-mailing very sweet things to me (and I back), has decided to come visit me in September. It leaves me feeling a bit giddy...and unsure. I really want to go out and date, on the one hand, but then there is this development, on the other. Our meeting in London was the beginning of a beginning, and we are just getting to know one another again, so there are no commitments. But how do I be giddy about someone and still go out on a date with someone else? It's a bit overwhelming. It takes up quite a bit of my thoughts lately.

There is no easy segue from that into my E CDs, but I'm gettting sleepy, so segue I must...

Shepherd Moons, Enya - yes, Enya! You want to make something of it?! Didn't think so!
Cafe Paradiso, Steve Erquiaga - this man plays absolutely gorgeous classical guitar.
Brave and Crazy, Melissa Etheridge - What can we say about Melissa...she's got a gorgeous voice!
Yes I Am, Melissa Etheridge - This one (with Tori Amos) kept me going through a very difficult time.
Eurythmics Greatest Hits, Eurythmics - I can remember when Sweet Dreams first became big and thinking, even as I danced around my friend's basement, that this was a silly song with silly lyrics. But there is just something about the vocals and the beat and the way everything comes together. This is just good music.

What I am missing in the Es? I love all the suggestions!


Aravis said...

I hope things work out with CollegeFriend. Whether or not you date anyone else in the meantime depends on you really. Do you want to continue to meet new people and keep things casual until you know how things will work with CF, or are you fairly certain you want to concentrate your energies on trying to work something out with CF and regard dating anyone else as a waste of time? No wrong answers, of course. Good luck, whatever you choose! :0)

Flash said...


Hippy Chick said...

I think you should keep dating anyway - not at all trying to be a downer but the reality is he lives 'cross the pond and I always think its best to keep your options open. But of course I support you totally if you decide to wait and see what happens with CF cuz you never know! BTW I love Enya too... the only band I can think of this early in the morning is the Eagles and even I don't have any of their cd's - I'm content to hear them on the radio...but Life in the Fast Lane (who can beat the line "...he was brutally handsome and she was terminally pretty?") and Hotel California will always be big favorites of mine.

the urban fox said...

Are you a veggie or a vegan, Spin? Cutting dairy products out can really help with allergy management.

Hyde said...

Believe me-- i know how hard it is to be giddy about someone and try to date someone else. It sucks. But sometimes things are just in that place for a while. (And c'mon... it's better to have too many suitors rather than too few, right?) Enjoy the giddiness! And keep us posted as things develop!



spinsterwitch said...

Fox - I'm veggie, but I mostly really limit dairy because I'm a bit lactose intolerant. But I will pay attention to that a bit more!