Saturday, April 08, 2006

Beautiful day!

I do believe that I've brought beautiful weather to London...perhaps I'll be bringing it back home to California in a few days.

I had the deep privilege and honor to meet up with our lovely Flash yesterday. He popped down to keep me entertained, then I repayed his kindness by dragging him around the Tate Modern. It really is a well done museum, but I have to admit (with the exception of a few artists - Calder and Monet to name 2), I am more of a fan of the older works. I suppose it's a bit strange since what I paint is more modern.

We also attempted to visit St Paul's, but the admission price was way too steep and, really, the one church I wanted to see was Westminster.

We hopped around to a few pubs after that and just never seemed to run out of things to say to one another. Brilliant. The big surprise of the night came when, in a moment of weakness (and it only happens when I drink in a smoky bar), I asked to bum a cigarette...and the answer was, "Well, you could have one if you like, but I'd be a bit disappointed." Wow! I was staggered and, frankly, flattered. And, no, I didn't take one.

We've met up this a.m. at an internet cafe and are currently blogging side-by-side.

Off to the Natural History Museum today, then later tonight we will be meeting up with Charby for an evening of fun! Hopefully her team wins or she may be in a bit of a mood.

Well, then, I'm off...I hope things are just as sunny where you are!


Flash said...

They are just as sunny here!

Truth is, I'm just really tight with my fags!

shorty said...

Flash, don't use that phrase in New York city or you may become very popular very fast.

Glad you two can be together.

Aravis said...

*laughing at shorty's comment*

It sounds like the two of you really hit it off. I hope things went well for Charby's team so that you had a fun night, too! :0)