Sunday, April 09, 2006

London has been good to me

So as shared in yesterday's post, the day started (quite late) with Flash and I visiting the Natural History Museum. It turned out to be not the greatest timing to go was a Saturday during a holiday week and the children were out in force. The queue through the dinosaur exhibit was long and stifling, and it seems that both Flash and I get a wee bit antsy during situations like that. We had to retire to the outdoors to regroup before moving on to the other galleries.

We saw the bug exhibit - always an important highlight for me in these types of situations. We also went through the Earth gallery. I displayed the ultimate in geekiness by buying as my souvenir from this experience a book on volcanoes and their impact on history.

We decided that we both were a bit tired and in need of some refreshment, so we headed to a pub nearby...which conveniently showed the football results (after a play-by-play of the Grand National...a horse race that is particularly popular here). Flash surprised me with a birthday gift - a stuffed monkey I'd been eyeing at the gift shop.

Then it was off to meet up with Charby. I'd decided that I wanted to have fish and chips, so we started to wander around looking for one. At one point, I made the suggestion that perhaps we should stop and ask someone for a suggestion. The expression on both their faces (which left no doubt that they thought I was a bit mad) was priceless. But eventually I told them to step back and let me be the tourist, and we worked out some directions for a chippy near Covent Garden.

Then off we went to a pub in Euston, where we were able to use Charb's yellow card for cheaper drinks. We sat in the back on comfy sofas and had some good chats. I have to say that I got quite drunk in a way that is not my normal style. I have a vague recollection of needing at some point to pee in the street. Not terribly dignified, I tell thee.

The tube had stopped running, so Flash and I got Charby on a bus, then Flash got me home safely (a good thing since between poor night vision with my contacts and the drunkeness, I was terribly disoriented).

Charby is utterly charming and sweet. She has a really great sense of humor and was easy to hang out with. And Flash, of course, remains the superhero! He is just an utterly comfortable person for me to be with, full of warmth and humor and charm. We had some incredible conversations over our time together, and it was great to get to know him so much better.

This a.m. was a bit of a wreck. Waking up was very hard. It's a clear reminder of why I don't do this kind of thing regularly. I just get too sick. I did make it to Hippy Chick and Bee Dragon's friend's place this afternoon. She has a smashing dog whose picture I will be sure to get. She has been wonderful - making me tea and toast and letting me take a long afternoon nap. We had thought to go to Greenwich, but when I woke it was raining. So I took that as a sign that today was a day for being lazy and starting that book on volcanoes.

Tonight we are getting Indonesian take-away and I will probably play fetch with the dog (he loves it!). Then tomorrow it's on back to the US.

I was feeling a bit maudelin yesterday about the fact that I had to go back home soon. But today, I'm ready. This trip was everything which I hoped it would be and more. I really needed to get away and regroup, and I feel that. I'm looking forward to getting everything worked out in the apartment now that B is gone, and digging into my private practice as well.

I'll have pictures when I get home, but I may not get them uploaded for a day or two...and I doubt that I will be blogging at all tomorrow. So you all have a good day or two.


Charby said...

It was terribly undignified!
I'm still full of shame that both of you had to listen to me pee behind that loo!
Was an ace time though! And fantastic to meet you!

Ethel said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip so far!

Aravis said...

Wow spins, this trip sounds like it was outstanding in so many ways. It seems it's refreshed you, as needed. This wonderful getaway couldn't have happened to a nicer person. :0)

MrMystic said...

Sounds like you're really enjoying yourself. I am really happy for you.

You can not go to England and not pee on the street.....this is a must do in London.

sfbette said...

wow! what a wonderful adventure! i can't wait to get all the fantastic details!!!

viva la London!

Flash said...

It was all good, I tell thee!