Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dream Time

So HippyChick was having a bit of a smoke last night, and while I didn't indulge, I think I may have gotten a bit of a contact high because my dreams last night were particularly vivid and strange. And, interestingly, they were about blogland. You all were there and we were having some sort of blog gathering. I wish I had written it down when I got up because it was interesting and bizarre - for instance, there were 2 Hydes.

I had a really great memory when I was in therapy this week. We were talking about how hard it is for me to sustain a sense of excitement about things. I tend to squelch my joy or excitement about things, especially when I'm around other people. I think it's a bit cultural, but there are other things that go with it as well (like the belief that if I want something too much I won't get it). Anyway, the one memory I had from childhood that I got to be entirely giddy and exuberant came back to me. My parents had taken me and my sister out to look at some puppies, with the idea that we might get one. They were playful and big and really excited, and I remember sitting on the ground and they swarmed all over trying to kiss me. They had me giggling and rolling on the ground and trying to pet them. It was an incredible feeling of joy and fun. I remember not wanting to leave them. I'd been around dogs before, but this was my first time around puppies. I think it has a lot to do with why I love dogs so much now, too.

Well, then, on to the H's a short list.

Last Recording, Billy Holliday - oh, Billy's voice just sends shivers down my spine.
Hoobastank, Hoobastank - I love their name...the music's good too.
Cracked Rear View, Hootie & the Blowfish - I still like it.


Aravis said...

Sorry,I just have to say it: are you sure one of those 2 Hydes wasn't really a Dr. Jekyll?


I have the same tendency to squelch and while it has come up in passing during therapy, you've made me realize I need to pay more attention to that. Thank-you. :0)

MrMystic said...

"you can't always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need"

Jagger Richards.

Hyde said...

Ha ha ha... two hydes. Good luck handling that one! I love vivid dreams. Lucky you...


Alecya Giovanni said...

I love when I have dreams about blogland. Makes me giggle. They're always happy dreams.

Hippy Chick said...

Jimi Hendrix is my favorite guitarist of all time...and I also love the first Hole CD, still one of my favorites.

Ethel said...

I had some weird dreams last night, too. I don't think I've had a blogland dream yet. If I do, I'm totally blaming you! ;)

Fred said...

I think I need to add that to my list of blog addictions -- dreaming about blogland.

Have a great week, Spin.

Flash said...

Right H!
You can't go wrong with a bit of vintage Human League - Everybody should have a copy of Dare.

I can't recommend highly enough Hard-Fi & Hot Hot Heat.