Friday, April 28, 2006

California, rest in peace!

I'm really beat tonight. Just got back from watching the first part of Queen Elizabeth I with HippyChick and BeeDragon. Now I just want to curl up in my bed and sleep.

But onward and upward, as they say...the Gs:

Meditations, James Galway - Flute music. I could never study or write papers to music with words. So I picked up a lot of non-worded music during graduate school.
Confessions of an Idiot, Gnu Cnu - why this artist hasn't hit the Top 10 yet is beyond me! I understand he's currently in the studio with his current project involving a few interesting collaborations. I can't wait for the result.
The Young and the Hopeless, Good Charlotte - young, punk...appeals to my internal 15 year old skater punk.
Dookie, Green Day - I stumbled into fandom for Green Day with American Idiot, but it seemed somehow fitting that I should go back to their roots as well.
American Idiot, Green Day - Fine, fine work - extraordinary concert. I just never really get sick of it.
Vanity of Venus, Cheryl Gunn - more instrumental. I have to admit that I was attracted to this CD because it had a piece on it entitled "Frejya."

Okay, 'night loves!


Hippy Chick said...

Now I know you also like Gorillaz...also there is Peter Gabriel, and one of my very favorites, Guns and Roses - I think I wore out my tape of Appetite for Destruction in the early 90s and it's still a classic for me :) Also there is Goldfinger and if you haven't heard them I will have to play you my two favorite songs of theirs - Mabel (aka Mabel, she's the bomb) and Here in Your Bedroom - they played on the Warped Tour a couple of times but unfortunately I've never caught them live...

Matt said...

I dig Good Charlotte, but I think Hippy Chick is right. Goldfinger, Gorillaz and the like are pretty good too.