Friday, April 07, 2006

Fun in Ashford

So yesterday, after blogging and wandering around Covent Garden again, I headed back to the hotel. The new room they put me in is brilliant (for a cheap hotel, anyway). It's got a bath with shower and a long bathroom. The room is quite spacious with a plush comfy chair. And it's at the back of the building, so no morning traffic sounds.

I headed out for Ashford for the evening and napped on the train (missing the Osthouses I'd been told to watch for). Mark and Xander met me at the train. We had a nice wander about the town center (including a cemetary!) and got to see the International terminal of the Ashford train station. It's all very sparkly and modern. Mark is a bundle of energy - he's always thinking, it seems, which makes sense if you read his blog.

We headed to Mark's, and I shortly got to meet Ellen. We got on quite well - she is a really wonderful woman. We decided to head out for dinner. Xander decided that he was going to try his best at exercising his lungs during dinner, and was given a lollipop to quiet him down. A bit earlier in the day, he'd had a sip of his dad's soda...and the combo of the caffeine and sugar (plus the thrill of meeting me, I'm sure) put him into a frenzy of activity. I think that Maeve, the cat, will never recover!

He really is a sweet boy, and is already seeming to voice his strong opinions about the world around him. This doesn't surprise me, now that I know both his parents. The trip was fantastic and I was sad I hadn't made plans to stay a bit longer.

Today I'm back in London and more touristy stuff!

One difference that has been interesting to notice about language choices is how differently we describe toilets. Here all public restrooms are labeled "toilets" whereas in the US, they are "restrooms." I also had the revelation that I call it a bathroom when it's in a residence, but a restroom when it's in a public building. Very strange.

And speaking of toilets...mine ate my toothbrush this a.m., so I've had to buy a new one.


Mark said...

How odd, the toilet got hungry

Aravis said...

What a great time you're having, minus toothbrush-eating toilets, of course!

I'd never thought about it but now that you mention it, I use the same terms and conditions for use of bathroom/restroom. How funny!