Sunday, April 02, 2006

"It has begun!"

You Brits have extra keys on your keyboards...really!

So I landed safely at Heathrow about an hour and a half ago. I dozed on the plane for about an hour, but it wasn't terribly satisfactory. The ride was cramped as the seats in front of my row reclined, but our row apparently did not. Still, it wasn't terribly awful and my excitement (and a good book) made the time fly.

I did make a tactical error, however, and ordered a special meal...a vegan (no eggs or dairy). This resulted in the most stunning lack of protein ever witnessed outside of a US hotel. I think I'll be going online sometime this week and changing my preference to something else. I was a bit shaky by the time I got to my hotel.

So my first stop was a little cafe that served breakfast all day. I've now had perfectly hard fried eggs with beans and tomato. And coffee, as I'm determined to stay awake until some respectable hour tonight. I'm just killing time in this internet cafe now because my room at my hotel is not yet ready...and I need a shower because after 10 hours couped in a plane I feel particularly rank.

Here's a question for you all...does the UK observe daylight savings time and when does it go into effect here?

Okay, I only have about 7 minutes left on my connnection and I need to read my e-mail.



Charby said...

Daylight savings changed last week, we're now forward an hour.

What extra keys do we have? I'm curious now!!!!

Get to meet you next weekend! Whooo!

MrMystic said...

I am glad you landed in my hometown safely.

My sister is currently touring Thailand otherewise I would have given you her phone number.

She probably would have shown you around.

Regardless of what people told you about Madame Toussad. I know its a cheezy place but it is a must see.

The only two other places I would say must be seen is the Tower of London and you must take a ferry to Grenwich you can get there by land but the ferry is ultimately more fun.

good luck and have fun.

Aravis said...

Hooray! You're there! The flight sounds uncomfortable but you've made it. Now the fun begins. :0)