Monday, April 03, 2006

"London calling speak the slang now"

So, theoretically I'm rested. I'm still feeling exhausted. My little hotel is a cheap one, but despite that quite okay. And last night, for dinner I discovered the joys of prepackaged sandwiches at a local grocery. I now feel it is a tragedy what we Yanks do to pre-made sandwiches. This one was not soggy (and there was tomato in it!) or gross. It was lovely. Of course, I was also so tired that I felt incredibly lightheaded.

I took a bus tour of the city yesterday. I have to admit that I'm having to adjust my expectations of London. Please bear with me as you read this because I will go off into my ideas about past lives a bit. I do believe I lived in London during the Tudor times...most probably Elizabeth's reign. So of course, I was thinking much more Elizabethan. But, of course, this city has taken quite a beating since then. Namely, the Great Fire and the Blitz. So of course, most everything is newer. So I'm going to try to get out of my older mindset and into the modern.

Despite this, I did feel last night walking "home" that I could live in this city. Strange, but it's a big city (which I like) and it seems like it has enough history that it doesn't need to prove anything. I constantly feel like San Francisco is trying to prove something (mostly that it's just as cool as New York). New York might be okay to live in, except that I got terribly clausterphobic in Manhattan the time that I visited.

I did spend a bit of time feeling somewhat melancholy...mostly this was during the time between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m. when I couldn't sleep. I'm going to write this off as sheer exhaustion (and frustration that my brain wouldn't shut the fuck up!) and plan to spend the rest of the time strictly happy and enjoying myself.

Charby, the extra key you have which is throwing me off is this number sign that sits conveniently where the return button should be. And then there are the few matters of the other mixed up symbols. It's just different enough that I keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Okay, I'm off to meet my friend I knew in school (haven't seen him for 18 years!) and play tourist!

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Charby said...

Yeah! Like Mr Mystic said in the comment below, if you get the chance come to Greenwich!
I'd love to show you the sights!!!
We can feed the tame squirrels in the park!
Its also got the birthplace of Lizzy 1 if you're that into the Tudor times!

Shameless plug for Greenwich is over now!