Thursday, April 13, 2006


Blogger is still not being very cooperative. I'm wondering if they are doing some work on their uploading function. Anyway, I've gone another route, and you can see pictures of my London adventure here. I hope the link works. Unfortunately they are all out of order. Still, I've captioned them all...I'm really the only one who knows the chronology anyway.

Speculation on another aspect of the trip is happening here. I'm actually surprised at the Mystic's patience in waiting to ask a question I knew would be on his mind. Now, to answer directly or leave it all a mystery?..I'll ponder for a bit.

And while I ponder, I shall be busy with rearranging my house. I may even take a nap. Oh, the joys of a post-holiday holiday! (Maybe later, I will discuss the incredible national differences in holiday time...but not today.)


MrMystic said...

I am really glad you had so much fun in London I really feel you deserve it.

As for the question that I asked I already knew the answer before I asked it.

I just thought I would ask what was on everyone elses mind.

Matt said...

Great pics Spinny. You rock.
As for the "mystery", I say leave it as such. Without mystery we might as well be reading from a script.

hippy chick said...

Great pics, i will have to go back and read the comments later - makes me "homesick" for london. thanks again my wonderful friend Spin for home and kitty sitting, we always feel totally relaxed leaving it all to you ;) Can't wait to actually SEE you when we return...
love you and love from BeeDragon too!
ps. we lectured shiki on not waking you up before 9 but she wasn't too impressed :)

Flash said...

Nice pics, who is that handsome chap?

I'm off to Mystic's now to see what's going on!

Aravis said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures, Spin! Now you can write a book called Blogger Abroad about the joys and trials of crossing the ocean and meeting so many of your blogging friends. *G*

sfbette said...

wow...great pix! and, of course, inquiring minds want to know ALL. yes, ALL!

including -- wanna try a (mini-)repeat of your london drink-a-thon? we can post pix and make the kids on the other side of the pond jealous...the little shamrock awaits!