Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Sometimes a pony gets depressed"

So, it's official, I've hit the post-vacation blues. Actually, I've done pretty well this time around. I thought they would hit sometime last week. But I didn't go back to full-time work until this week, and that appears to be the trigger. The illusion that life is a vacation goes away a couple days into the return to work. I'm pretty sure that it won't last long.

I have to wonder a bit about the timing of my foray into craigslist land. Was it also an attempt to stave off the dip in my mood...create a new high of a sort? Perhaps. Of course, it's not working so well. My co-worker said that she thinks the result I'm getting from my ad (which is only really resulting in one coffee date) is good, but it's a little strange how people just don't respond after their initial interest. This is the part that always gets me - it feeds right into that old script I run in my head that no one would be interested in me enough to pursue me. I know that's not true, but that's where it goes.

Mystic had an interesting suggesion in the comments of my last post. But I have to admit that here in the Bay Area, I'm not sure that leather and a whip would even get a second glance. Sometimes it's just not a bonus living in an area that has such an open attitude to different lifestyles.

So one of the ways that I am working at keeping my spirits up is planning to get together with various friends. I even started looking into what's fun to do on Memorial Day weekend (Con Jose, the local scifi/fantasy convention, is that weekend!) and the possibility of visiting B around Labor Day. I'm going to go hang out in SF with Weenut and ExecutiveDirector over the next couple weeks...and at the beginning of next month is the Pagan Parade and Festival in Berkeley (I can't make the parade, but I'm going to the Festival this year!). So I'm re-entering my life - trying to put myself out there a little bit more.

Now it's off to continue straightening out the house for my guests on Friday to watch the pageant!


MrMystic said...

I think you have a fantastic attitude towards your getting to know new people. Putting yourself out there is a great Idea. Someone with your looks and personality is not going to find it hard to meet other interesting people.

Good Luck.

P'tit-Loup said...

Humm, true, the leather and whip look is so blaze in your neck of the wood. You can always come here to cause a stirr with it!

Also for fun times, I will remind you that we have an amazing mid-state fair here in my neck of the woods the last week of July and first of August, complete with great music acts, animal displays, produce display, art fest, pie and other ware contests. You are always welcome to parttake of the festivities.

Aravis said...

The pagan festival sounds fun! No such thing around here unfortunately. For one suffering from post-vacation blues, you have a positive attitude. Hope I can be just like you after my next vacation! :0)

thephoenixnyc said...

Be careful with Craigslist dating, sometimes its the dive bar of internet hookups.