Saturday, May 06, 2006

Exhausted, but happy...

Saturday started as it usually does - seeing clients. They were good sessions, and I felt good about the work that I'm doing when I left.

I then wandered off to Berkeley, bought some local honey at the farmer's market (which is supposed to help with the allergies), then wandered around the Pagan Festival for a bit. It's strange being among pagans sometimes. I feel at home amongst them, and understood on a certain level. But I, often, feel a little bit different among them, as well. I think it has to do with the fact that I don't dress in flow-y skirts or RenFair outfits. Today I was dressed for work...and I felt very conservative. But even when I dress casually, I feel like I'm the "modern" weirdo among them. Ah, well.

Home for a nap, then it was off to dinner with my co-worker. We went to Luka's...a "trendy" place in Oakland. It was good food...but expensive! Still, it's good to see that downtown Oakland is drawing a business like this...bringing in folks with money to start their evening adventures. We went on to the Paramount Theater (gorgeous art deco!) and had an evening of comedy with Louis Black. My stomach muscles hurt, I laughed so hard.

Now, I'm just tired. Tomorrow will be a mostly quiet day for me; however, I do have a "play" date tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to it!


MrMystic said...

The Dating fiend continues, I love it.

shorty said...

Laughing until your stomach hurts. Those are good times.

I could use a few aches and pains like that myself.

Glad you are doing well.

Aravis said...

I love Black's humor, too. Sounds like you had a great time! *G*