Friday, May 05, 2006

"Welcome to a new kind of tension"

Well, yesterday was certainly an interesting day. 2 dates in a day is enough to exhaust even the most modern girl. I met with TwinMan for lunch. A nice man with an interesting history. We were able to share our mutual experiences of having very odd relationships with our sisters. He scored points by bringing me a present - a lovely necklace and earings that he picked up at a thrift store (I'm actually really impressed that it was from a thrift store...). I got a very sweet "daytime" kiss after he walked me to my car.

So there we were having lunch and I noticed the guy sitting behind TwinMan. He seemed very familiar to me...suddenly I realized that he was almost certainly BoyIDumped. I met BoyIDumped the year after dating CollegeFriend. He was a good friend of MarriedWithChildren. We dated for awhile, but I wasn't ready for settling down, and he seemed to be. I ended it badly - just stopped calling - and I know that I hurt him. I was young and pretty stupid then. Anyway, I know from MWC that he was out in the Bay Area...and has been the whole 8 years I've been here. I'd never seen him before yesterday, though...and there he was! I didn't confirm, for sure, by asking him. It felt weird and ackward, especially while on a first meeting with someone else.

So here's where the story gets even stranger - I went back to my office after lunch and googled BoyIDumped. He currently works at the same company that SlowTalker (Wednesday's dinner date) used to work at. My life seems to be creating strange circles!

Last night, I met another gentleman for coffee. He was very nice, but I don't think I'm interested in seeing him again. I'm enjoying this feeling of being pursued, although - how do I put this delicately? - I find that all the lovely kisses have got me more than a wee bit distracted from the more trivial things in work.

In other news, I suddenly find that I am contemplating a very full schedule beyond romance, as well. Tomorrow night, I'm going with my co-worker to see Louis Black at the Paramount Theater. And I'm currently trying to decide about whether I want to go to back-to-back musical things in June. And if I I want to just buy a single ticket, or should I buy two and try to entice someone to go with me? Oh, decisions, decisions.

I do want to reassure Alecya that there are exceptions to my feelings about the age of someone and dating. You would definitely be one of them, darling. I think that it was just surprising because I had, in previous ads, gotten so many responses only from older men. It, of course, doesn't help that I am now booked with dates for the next week or so and really cannot consider responding to anyone more (unless their name happens to be Viggo Mortensen or Mike Dirnt or some such...but I doubt they have to resort to craigslist).

Okay, kiddos! I'm off to try to get a little more of my apartment cleaned before I head out for the day.



Ethel said...

My life seems to have those strange circles sometimes, too. They can be cool, but they can also be weird and annoying.

TwinMan sounds very sweet. :)

Aravis said...

Life is funny that way sometimes, isn't it? It sounds like you're meeting some really nice people as well as some more colorful types. It's great the way you're putting yourself out there and enjoying yourself. Continued success! :0)

P'tit-Loup said...

Sounds like fun! If you see Viggo Mortensen on Craiglist, be sure to let me know!!!!

TwinMan does seem very sweet.

shorty said...

If you can afford to buy the extra ticket, then you should. Maybe if you go on a second date w/ one of these suitors you could mention it and see if they seem intersted before asking them out right.

Ex's can be a tricky thing. It was probably for the best you didn't say anything. Let lying does rest.

You post actually picked me up a bit. So glad you are doing well.

MrMystic said...

Whats with this new fad of giving everyone comic book names?

Mint Man, dumped boy, elastic lad etc.....

spinsterwitch said...

Mystic - I've done this from the beginning...I think I picked it up from Flash initially. It protects the innocent. Last June, I went out briefly with DateBoy...and of course, you know well HippyChick, BeeDragon & ExecutiveDirector (P'tit Loup came up with her own name...).

Hyde said...

The date with TwinMan sounds great! Yay! Out of curiosity-- Are these all craigslist finds? Does that thing actually work?

Glad you sound happy!