Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What am I doing?!

It's heady, I tell thee, having people tell me I'm pretty and interesting. But why is this all happening now? Why all at once (or so it seems)? I feel a little like I'm 13, and I've got to tell you, there were parts of 13 that were sort of terrifying. At dinner tonight, I had to remind myself not to collapse into giggles. SlowTalker turns out to be really interesting despite some quirks...and on a positive note, is not interested in jumping into something committed. I believe he said that he wants to "play." Playing's's what I feel like I've missed.

There is an interesting development in the past couple days - I've had responses from 2 different guys in their 20s. One was 23, so I couldn't in good conscience date someone who I, theoretically, could have parented. The other is 29...sort of just below the threshold of age that I would normally consider. And it sort of makes me wonder/worry that maybe he is a guy who wants an "older" woman to mother...uh, I mean, date him.

And I'm struggling with feelings about CollegeFriend in all this...yes, yes, I know that there isn't a commitment, but I have a hard time holding the idea that I might be the cause of pain to someone else in all this - either CollegeFriend or any of those people who I am meeting up with. I feel like this is a wholly selfish experience I'm having and it's making me feel guilty to be selfish. Blech!

...Okay, oh K!

Paradise in Me, K's Choice - they are delightfully morose...and sometimes damned funny.
Employment, Kaiser Chiefs - I loved them in concert...their recording needs some more time to grow on me. Although, I Predict a Riot translates beautifully!
Greatest Hits, Lenny Kravitz - Yummy! And at the same time, I'm reminded of the imortal words of the Streets, "You're fit, but my gosh, don't you know it!"


Aravis said...

As long as you remain honest about your interest and your intentions, you've nothing to feel guilty about. I'm glad you had a good evening with SlowTalker. :0)

Hyde said...

I don't understand the guilt thing either! Dating is just like that...

BTW-- out of curiosity, in general, what's the acceptable age range when you're looking for a potential partner?


spinsterwitch said...

Hyde - I'm not sure that there is an "acceptable" age range, but somehow dating someone in their 20s feels like a bigger leap now that I'm 36.

Hippy Chick said...

Going out and having a good time is NOT selfish! It takes time to get used to it but you certainly deserve to have some fun! A visit does not a commitment make. Try not to rob yourself of the pleasure of getting to know, date and "who knows what" with multiple people - you're not too old and it's not too late :)

Re music, let us not forget The Kinks!

the urban fox said...

Delete that guilt right now! You just enjoy yourself, ma'am. Glad to hear you had an interesting and playful date.

hammer said...

Watch out for the "playing" types!

MrMystic said...

Spinny you know how many women would date someone younger than themselves?....

Who cares if they are over 21 they are legally men.

Go get 'em

Alecya Giovanni said...

*sigh* you just broke my heart, Spinny....*weeps over my age*

I don't know, I feel like a person's age has a lot less to do with their compatibility as much as their maturity...which, you know, don't always go hand in hand.

Either way, I hope you make a decision that makes you happy. And certainly, play!

Flash said...

I'm so happy that your evening with slow talker went well, I'm getting good vibes.

The Killers are preety cool, by the way.