Wednesday, June 28, 2006


This week is turning out to be quite lovely. I came to work Monday to find that a patient of mine transplanted last week (I knew he'd been called, but there's always the off chance that they won't be able to do the transplant). It's one of those situations where I am glad that he transplanted both for his own health and well-being and because I have not been comfortable working with him for awhile. This is the best possible outcome, all around!

After learning that I like history, SlowTalker sent me a lovely postcard image of an amusement park that used to be in existence only a few blocks from here. It had a huge ballpark (for the time), the largest roller skating rink in California, an opera house with Vaudeville acts like Lon Chaney, Sr., and Fatty Arbuckle, and a bear grotto! It was also smack in the middle of what was at the time the bar and brothel area of the East Bay (now the Temescal neighborhood). He told me where to find the site of the neighborhood brothel (which is still standing) and where the trolley horse barn used to stand (where Genova's deli is, for those who know the neighborhood...okay, that'd mostly be HippyChick!). It's my mission, I'm told, to discover where the terminus of the transcontinental railroad was in Oakland. Cool!

Then last night, we went out to this very cheesy, suburban dance club. Except for the club owners, I believe that we were the oldest people there. We mostly talked and people watched, then danced for a bit. It was pretty traditional club music which is easy to dance to, but gets pretty boring after awhile...the DJ wasn't very inventive with his mixing. There was one girl wearing jeans so tight around her hips, I wanted to go warn her about deep vein thrombosis! Oy! I'm getting old.

And here I am today - I'm going out to lunch to Cafe Gratitude, a very Berkeley-sounding place (read: crunchy, hippy food), with a couple of co-workers...then I'm going to try to get a certain CD in the mail. Tonight, I'm hanging out with HippyChick.

Another sign I'm getting old: I was sleepy, sleepy by the time we left the club at 12:30 a.m., and I'm sleepy, sleepy still this a.m.

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Aravis said...

Loved the thrombosis observation! *LOL*