Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"I want to hold you close"

I wanted to take a moment to explain the vent from yesterday. The first paragraph is pretty self-explanatory. The second came from a conversation with some of my colleagues who have been following my romantic adventures. I mentioned to one of them having feelings for SlowTalker. It's true that I do, but it's not clear to me that they are heading me to live happily ever after with him. Mostly we are having a good time together and he is generally a good man. But the question came up if this was getting serious. It is, in some ways, but not in ways that are traditional. I do not foresee, for example, ever living with him or contemplating marriage or buying pets together. I think I could commit to a weekend away sometime this summer. That sounds lovely. One of the issues is that he is not monogamous. He has an ongoing relationship with someone else. And this is just fine for me right now. But I made the mistake of mentioning this to said colleagues, who immediately became incredibly judgmental and wanted me to throw him over immediately. This is not something I'm interested in. I knew all of this going in and I chose to go forward anyway. And although I have kicked TwinMan to the curb because of lack of time commitment, I was also engaged in non-monogamous fun for a bit there as well.

Boy, that was a long paragraph.

And to answer Cody's comment about the 3rd paragraph, I think I was just irked by the fact that I have to have repeated conversations with my colleagues at work about how I don't eat meat - no, not even chicken. Which then brings up the conversations I've had, invariably started over food, in which, after sharing my personal reasons for not eating meat, I have been either challenged or the other person feels the need to defend their meat-eating stance. I don't have problems with others eating meat, so I always feel uncomfortable about this (I even like the taste and smell of meat still).

Okay, all that said. I'm feeling much more peaceful today.

Yesterday, after work, I did something decidedly un-Spins. I went for a make-up consultation at the Chanel counter at Saks. It was quite an experience. A very nice SE Asian gay man helped me out. He had some very definite opinions about make-up and exactly what should be worn (i.e. every woman should use concealer under her eyes, or you must wash your face twice daily). Still he made up my face quite nicely, and I was quite surprised at how comfortable it felt. I ended up buying a product or two, which was roughly about the amount of the national debt and was generously offered some sample packets of other products (gee, thanks!).

Although I wear make-up on occassion, I have never really had a good sense of how to apply it, or how to work with my skin tones, etc. So this was all very helpful. I thought briefly about wearing some today for work, but, and this is where the real challenge comes, I just didn't want to get up the 10 minutes earlier to put it on. So the desire is there, somewhat, but inherent laziness won out.


shorty said...

I hate to wear make up too. But the extent of my make-up only extends to the eyes and the lips.

No foundation. No concealer.

Perhaps I need those things, now that I'm aging, not so gracefully.

Your opinions are yours...don't feel you ever have to justify them.

Hyde said...

I LOVE Makeup!!! Girls-- we need to do a makeup get together. I am a makeup artist extraordinaire!

Thanks for clearing that up about the polyamorous relationships...



Mr_Mystic said...

When I love, it seems so strong I can only share it with one person at a time........

Aravis said...

Make-up is easier these days. If you don't want to spend much time, you don't have to. Tinted moisturizers with SPF protection instead of traditional foundation will even out skin tones while protecting from the sun. It's also inexpensive. A little blush, a little mascara and some lip gloss/balm and you're good to go for most daytime occasions. :0)

As for your dating, the people you choose to see and your/their level of commitment is your business, not your coworkers. I can understand why their judgmental attitudes would annoy. Sorry you have to put up with it!

Lord Bargain said...

It is true that people tend to have a fairly narrow definition of what constitutes a relationship. You do whatever it is you want to do, sweetie. What you are doing sounds great to me.

Fred said...

It's your blog. Rant as much as you like. That's why we're here!

Having three teenage girls, I have more make-up stuff around the house than I thought was possible. I don't know how we afford everything they bring home.