Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Missing

Well, Fred has come back and Mystic is still dropping by, but we are missing a few of the usual suspects - Foxy, Flash and Alecya. I just miss them.

And SlowTalker is gone for the rest of the week...and CollegeFriend is away from his computer for a week to savor the World Cup.

It's way too quiet in Spins' world.

It's causing me to think...think about gender: WritinginAK sent me a great article about the difficulties that butch women encounter in public restrooms (I've never been terribly butch, but when I had short hair, I'd sometimes get looks). Think about kitties: still keeping my fingers crossed about Shiki and feeling a bit rejected that ShortKitty has been abandoning me in the middle of the night for the heating vent. Think about the craziness that is our government: I'm reading the Al Franken book. Think about money: my practice has been slow and I'm wondering how I will be shifting money to pay the bills. Think about relationships and singleness: again a bit related to my practice. Think about work: how apathetic I've been here...and how I might change that.

And here's the's actually not very quiet. I'm going out with the Physicist to dinner tonight...her daughter is graduating from high school this year and her partner is in a job that takes him away for several days a week. Then on Friday, I'm going out with ExecutiveDirector.

Maybe it's not that it's quiet, it's just that there are fewer pleasant distractions. I'm suddenly feeling a strong urge to go to the park, lay under a tree and stare at the clouds.


shorty said...

I would join you in the park if you weren't so far away and you didn't mind the company : )

Thanks for the comment on my blog yesterday. I think I'm going to take your words to heart. I will tweek them to fit the occasion, but good advice. That is how I want to handle it.


LavaLady said...

Hey Spins! Thanks for stopping by my pad and leaving your thoughts. Always appreciated. xxoo

SwissToni said...




Fred said...

The park idea sounds great. If only The Missus and I could find the time together for a little relaxation like that.

You're right, it's not that quiet. Sounds like you have a full calendar.

Mr_Mystic said...

Yes I am still hanging around because my job is not yet done...

I still have one more person to set on track and I shamelessly forgot to complete my task before I resigned my blog.

I might have to come back for a couple of months to finish the job but I also might be able to do it without a blog so I will keep the Status Quo for now....