Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So, I've been not really doing a good job at concentrating on work while at work this week. But I have been brainstorming some ideas for marketing my private practice.

I've been trying to figure out a decent niche to market to...I want to work with a wide range of people, but I need to start with some target. I recently read an article in Psychology Today about a woman doing research on singles...debunking myths about people who remain uncoupled or unmarried for significant periods of time. It looked good and tapped into all of the stuff that I get frustrated with in my quest to be a happy person - who would like a partner, but isn't going to die if she doesn't find one.

So I decided that I would focus my marketing on singles...not on trying to help singles (in all their configurations) find committed relationships, but on helping people that aren't in committed relationships find their grounding in who they are.

Anyway, as a starting point, I've come up with the following spiel (which can be tweaked for a flyer, postcard or brochure). I wanted to get feedback on what you all think - of the content, the language, etc. Would this attract you (if you were looking for a therapist)?

So here it is (in its off-the-cuff form):

Single, divorced, single-parent, unpartnered, widow/er, loner, quirkyalone, unmarried, newly broken up…

What do these words mean to you: loneliness, depression, boredom, and anxiety? Or do they bring to mind images of freedom, peace, fulfillment and fun?

Singles in today’s society face many pressures – from the media, from family, from friends, from within – which build barriers to finding the path to your happiness right now.

I’m interested in helping you find out how to be the best person you can be by examining these barriers, and learning to love yourself and your life.

My office is conveniently located in Albany on Solano Avenue. I offer a generous sliding fee scale and have evening and weekend appointments available. I welcome all ages, ethnicities, sexual and gender orientations, and spiritual beliefs.

Give me a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX, and let’s talk!


I will, of course, include my name.


Aravis said...

I like this, Spins. The only line I might tweak would be the one about being the best person you can be, only because it instantly makes me think of the Army. How about something like "I'm interested in helping you find [or reach?]your potential by examining..."

I think this is a great marketing idea! :0)

Mr_Mystic said...

My twisted mind got the best of me. After I read the content of your proposed advert I thought you sounded like a high class call girl. I was definitely intrigued but for all the wrong reasons. I read it again then realized that it’s not clear whether you’re a girl or a man, then my imagination really went to work.

I think that for those people who do not have a great command of the English language it has to be more blunt and straight forward.

Fred said...

Looks great. The only thing I would change is from "I'm interested in helping you..." to "I can help you..."

Do we get a commission for helping? :)

Ka said...

That's a really great idea, Spin, and a superb draft of the copy. I agree with Aravis and Fred, and myself found the line "What do these words mean to you: loneliness, depression, boredom, and anxiety?" a little awkward - perhaps parallel it with the following line, so it reads "Do these words bring to mind..."

I don't want a commission for helping, but perhaps a sample session? I, for one, could use some "I don't need a relationship to be whole" counselling.