Thursday, June 15, 2006


I've decided today, the last day that I'm at work this week of course, that I'm going to jumpstart my work. Just get back to it. I need to take control of my feeling distracted and lack of concentration, and just get the work done.

I wanted to thank you all for the feedback yesterday. Lot's of great suggestions - I'm not sure what I'll do with Mystic's feedback that I sound like a call-girl, but hey, if it brings in paying clients, I suppose it's all good (just so long as they realize that they will be talking to me only).

There are lot's of milestones happening right now. Some of which I want to share, but they aren't mine to share. The one which I've mentioned a part of, is HippyChick & BeeDragon's cat, Shiki. She is old and now very sick, and it sounds like they plan to put her to sleep on Saturday. I'm going over tomorrow morning to say good-bye to her. It's interesting because normally I don't feel quite so connected to other people's pets, but those cats (like their moms) really are a part of my family. I'm sad, but I'm also glad that she can have a peaceful end.

Well, my friends - boring post today, but that's okay. I'm just kind of coasting until the weekend.

Addition: So I was watching the local news during lunch. There was a story about a man who, while stealing from another man's house, found pictures in a safe showing the molestation of a toddler. He reported the pictures and how he found them. He was then arrested for the theft, and faces an additional 2 counts of larceny for previous thefts. In California, that's 3 strikes and means that he is facing a minimum of life if convicted. ACK! There's a bit of a dilemma for an ethics class to chew on.

My opinion is that he should be allowed amnesty retroactively on the last theft, and held accountable for the other 2. Because, really, do we want to discourage the kind of reporting that he did...and they pay for it in our tax dollars for the rest of his life?


shorty said...

Shiki will be in my thoughts tomorrow and Saturday.

You're a good friend, Spins.

spinsterwitch said...

Thanks Shorty, she really is a sweet cat.

Mr_Mystic said...

What a stupid way to deal with things. It is just going to tell the next thief that it does not pay to be honest.

How little people care about molestation. But commit a robbery and look out.

Hippy Chick said...

Thanks so much everyone for your good thoughts about Shiki. Her mama of 14 years,BeeDragon, is home in a couple of hours and can't wait to be with her for the next couple of days. Spin you have been a wonderful aunt to her, keeping her company, putting up with numerous 4 and 5am wake-up calls and also trying to make sure she got her potassium! Seeing you with her other day was so bittersweet and I know she loves you very much, and we do too.

Aravis said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Shiki. At least she'll be surrounded by love until the end. My heart goes out to you all.

As for the robbery, I agree that he shouldn't be sent away for life especially after doing the right thing. I'd be interested in hearing how this plays out if you hear anything more.

Mark said...

that is one immense dilemma.