Friday, June 16, 2006


I really do love housesitting. It's like a mini-vacation, only you still have to go to work. But housesitting for a week or longer, really leaves me missing my own bed. The one in the retreat is perfectly lovely and comfortable, but there's just something about your own bed.

There's not much to say today, really. I go to therapy today, which I'm not thrilled about. It's a bit of a conundrum being a therapist who does not enjoy her own therapy. I love my therapist and am very attached to him, but it's never an easy process. I know that it's mostly because sitting in therapy with a male therapist raises all my trust issues about men and all my transference about my father. And while that's helpful intellectually, emotionally it's like letting a bug crawl on you - not unpleasant (if you aren't startled by it), but not pleasant either.

But let's think about something having breakfast in the beautiful backyard of the Retreat on this beautiful morning.

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Fred said...

Hope you had a wonderful breakfast. I love sitting out on a nice morning while enjoying the crisp morning air. Ahhh....