Saturday, July 01, 2006


Yesterday was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.

It started out quiet and nice. I even got my grocery shopping in...but then it was off to a meeting about the upcoming renovation that's going to be done to the building that I have my private pactice in. It turned out to be a really helpful meeting...and clarified that, for me at least, there won't be much disruption of my practice. However, it is going to be disruptive, in terms of dust and just general yuckiness in the front of the building. That's never good.

I spent a quiet afternoon, but then had a lovely surprise at the end of the day. My last clients, a couple, decided it was time to terminate their work with me. I have mixed feelings about them stopping, but the one that overwhelmed me after the session is just my own huge financial concerns. I've already started thinking about marketing, but I need to put my thoughts into action...but that thought didn't really calm me down last night.

I went right from seeing clients to SlowTalker's house. He let me talk about it a bit, which was helpful. Then we were off for an evening's entertainment. We went to the Stork Club in Oakland - which is an interesting sort of dive bar. I didn't know what we would be seeing. But SlowTalker went off to get some food from Mama Buzz Cafe next door and I talked a bit to the gay couple sitting next to me, then went off to pet the Boston Terrier that someone had brought with them to the show. (She was the cutest!)

Dinner was a veggie sandwich and some barley soup.

Then The Paper Dolls took the stage. They were awesome. I had had a bit of a preview when I went to the bathroom where they were getting dressed and warming up. They are a ukelele girl group...Very talented, funny and sexy.

They were followed by The Shadow Circus Creature Theater. They are a goth puppet show. Apparently the front man of the group has been a part of a Jim Henson workshop and created these cool puppets to use in the act. I have to say that it was a bit disjointed feeling and dischordant...but I hadn't realized that they identified as goth (although the all black clothing should have been a clue!). The dischord makes sense in retrospect. They had one performer who was wearing this magnificent corset. She must have been training herself to it for awhile.

Then it was to the day ended on a high note and today, I am feeling more optimistic. But I also realize that I have some choices to make about the direction I'm headed and what I want, ultimately, from all this.

Yeah...I'm sure I'll have that all cleared up by tomorrow.


Aravis said...

'Course you won't. But at least you're aware of what you need to do. You're resourceful, talented and creative, so I'm sure things will fall into place. Nice that SlowTalker listened to you. Those puppets sound interesting! *G* Good luck with everything.

Hippy Chick said...

yay i'm glad the building stuff won't really affect your practice :)