Monday, July 03, 2006

Science Fiction

I have been remembering a lot more of my dreams lately. Last night, I had this really interesting science fiction dream. People were living on the moon - which contrary to how exciting this sounds, was not actually very much fun. It seems that the moon facilities were rather utilitarian and there wasn't much entertainment. In the dream, my fiance was coming back to earth for his leave from his moon job. It became obvious to me that he was using drugs and I confronted him about this. He told me that he was using crack but it was not a big deal, and he only did it once a day or so. I insisted he go for treatment or I wouldn't marry him. That's all I remember of the dream.

So this morning, when I read the headline on SFGate - "Crack found in Shuttle" - I suppose it's no surprise that my first thought was of astronauts smoking those little pipes. Of course, that's not quite what they meant...

Last night, seeing as many of my usual neighbors in blogland have either moved or are busy away from their blogs, I decided to wander away from the greater neighborhood. I was going to do a list of "Best of the Next Blog" and I did come up with several...but then got sidetracked. So perhaps tonight or tomorrow, I'll put those up.

Not much else to report. I have no idea what I will be doing tomorrow - except for sleeping in. Sadly, my current neighborhood is not quite so secluded which allows for spontaneous neighborhood firecracker displays. The upside of that is that I will sleep better that night.


mrmystic said...

doing crack on the moon......Now there is an Idea.


Aravis said...

That's funny; my first thought when reading that headline was that it sounded as if the astronauts were trying to smuggle crack in the foam. *G*

My neighbor shot off his cannon again tonight. Bet he does it tomorrow too. But it's as close to fireworks as I get probably so I guess I should appreciate it. :0)

Ka said...

Hey girl - If I'm one of the blogs you've been looking for, it's true, I did move again: I do grow tired of moving. Maybe I should move to a more private sphere?