Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"I'm all shook up!"

I woke up about an hour ago and have been unable to get back to sleep. I've been noticing an increase in my anxiety in the past couple of weeks, and, of course, this increases my anxiety. I'm trying to put it all in a bit of perspective and not become convinced that I'm winding my way into a state of anxiety and depression such as I've experienced before, so indulge me.

Top 10 reasons for Spinny's anxiety to, justifiably, be up:

1. Patient situation at the dialysis center at the beginning of the month which involved calling police.

2. Week-long illness, the likes of which I have not experienced in my adult life before.

3. A week of hot, hot weather and no air conditioning in my home.

4. Continuing developing feelings for a certain SlowTalker, corresponding with the imminent arrival of a certain CollegeFriend. These two ships are about to collide!

5. Grandmother dying.

6. Continuing decline of my private practice clients (I really am pleased they are getting well, but couldn't they just pay me to hang out?!).

7. Spending several days with my relatives in Iowa.

8. Concern about my mother's increased forgetfulness and my father's chronic condition.

9. Another patient situation which involves a patient who is in denial that going for a really, really long time without dialysis treatment is deadly...

10. The backdrop of increased violence in Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, and Oakland.

And all that was just in July. Do you think I should submit it to David Letterman?

I learned yesterday that I'm being given 24 hours of bereavement leave, even though I only requested 8. So I get to take Wednesday and Thursday off. I'm hoping that I can find ways to de-stress a bit. Any suggestions, anyone?

A shout out to my parents who are celebrating 44 years of wedded bliss today. They sometimes drive me absolutely batty, but I really love them and appreciate all that they are and do.


LavaLady said...

Wow. No wonder you are feeling anxious. A reasonable reaction to so many changes. So what's next?

[something encouraging/admiring here about your taking 'risks', i.e. your private practice and "romance"]

Flash said...

De-stress, eh?
Perchance a nice long walk along the coast with or without SlowTalker?
Or an episode or 2 of your favourite comedy show?
Or a nice joint?
Hmmm, what do I know?

shorty said...

Can't believe Flash didn't recommend Star Wars on the XboX.

I think if you are stressing about ST, then you should decompress from him for the next two days. Maybe read in an air conditioned place.

Keep in touch with the family you saw in Iowa.

Remember the good in all those family members causing you unwanted stress.

Nothing you can do about the conflict in the middle east.

#1 is in the past...I'm assuming...leave it there.

You can't change the world and like you said that was all in July.

It's now August. Look ahead, not back.

Have a great 2 days with pay off!

Hippy Chick said...

Oh, it's Lori's parents' anniversary too! Happy Anniv to your folks :) And hope things get better and less anxiety-provoking. And re your days off: a mani-pedi and/or hot tub sound like just the thing/s you need :)

Charby said...

not been about for a few days but I'm sorry to hear about your nanny.

Anxious? Long, hot bath with bubbles and a book and alcohol!

P'tit-Loup said...

A nice long leisurely swim in a nearby lake (are there any?) or local pool, going to an afternoon wierd movie, the bath thing is always great, but I like some plant additive to the water rather than bubble try lavender or malva flowers, a nice handfull tied in a face cloth, it can turn the water greenish or blueish and is very soothing and relaxing to the point of getting a nap right after. A trip down south to the mid-state fair, to see the new house and visit? (but really no pressure)

Sorry you are anxious and definitely lots this month to make it happen, Letterman should have such a thourough list. I did see on youtube.com a very funny to ten list about bush's many faux pas.


Aravis said...

I agree with the others; it sounds like you're a bit overwhelmed by a nasty convergence of events. Be gentle with yourself. You've received many wonderful suggestions already, so I'll just wish you better days ahead!