Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rude Awakening

So last night, feeling exhausted and looking forward to a leisurely sleep, in which I didn't have to worry about alarms or work times, I lay down feeling already much more relaxed than I had in the morning.

But then, sometime around 2:30ish, I woke to the sound of glass breaking. I hadn't turned my fan on last night (which is sometimes more of a noise buffer than air mover for me) and my initial groggy thought was that it was someone in the recycling behind our apartment breaking bottles. I lay there, not bothering too look, when I heard more noise. So I decided to take a gander out the back. There was nothing there and no one at the recycling bins and the sound had stopped so I went back to sleep.

Well, about half hour ago or so, I was woken by the distinct sound of a power saw. I was pissed. What the hell were they thinking doing some sort of construction this early in the a.m.?! ("They" being someone related to Dreyer's Ice Cream...their corporate headquarters is right next door to my building - literally, as they were in the process of converting the building which used to be an apartment next door when I moved in.)

I looked out the window to find that there was some repair being done...they were putting a piece of composite board over a window facing toward our apartment building. And suddenly the noises from earlier in the night became clear. Someone was breaking into the building.

So now I'm left with an incredible mix of feelings: strangely, guilt that I didn't look out on the right side of the building and get a chance to see the burglars. Frustration that my sleep has been interupted. And, of course, an incredible sense of insecurity and violation. I know that I am no less safe in my apartment than before, but I suddenly feel vulnerable.

I'm also worried about the possibility that the same burglars might have broken into my car (although my rational brain doubts), and I don't really want to go down and check until the sun comes up.



Flash said...

Oh dear. That's a bummer Spins. I sincerley hope your car has remained untroubled.

shorty said...

Time to install cameras!

Charby said...


P'tit-Loup said...

I hate stuff like that. And I know that the car piece is PTSD from your last car adventure a few months ago, but that does not make it better. Maybe it was the emptyness of the building which is being converted right now (if I understand right) that drew their interest in it.

Hope they do not return.

Aravis said...

Even if you had looked out, there's a good chance that you wouldn't have been able to see much of anything.

I hope your car is ok! And I'm definitely glad that you are.

mrmystic said...

Cars can be replaced. I am just glad that you are okay, but yes... you do need to ask a professional some advice about how to keep your property safe.

Contact the police and ask them where you can go to aquire more knoledge.