Saturday, August 19, 2006

Too busy for a song title

It's been a busy several days. CF wrote back, finally. He really is incredibly sweet and that makes me feel worse for doing what I did. I got mad at my therapist yesterday, during our session, AND I told him that I was mad. S called to firm up plans for meeting on Sunday, which inspired a shopping trip to Frederick's of Hollywood. And, today, I'm anticipating a new client.

A lot of stuff is swirling around my head.

I completed the flyer for the group I want to start, and I'm going to be mailing that out this next week. It's a pretty good sized mailing and I feel really good about this effort.

And I bought a couple of cookbooks with meat and now have to decide what I'm going to be cooking. It's been awhile, so this should be interesting.

Today, after seeing clients, I'm heading over to HippyChick's to see the kitties and watch X-games.

Have a good weekend all!


Aravis said...

Wow, everything sounds like it's going really well. Good luck with the mailing, and you have a great weekend too!

the urban fox said...

You are Action Spinny again! Lots of luck with your new group, and of course your cooking.