Saturday, August 05, 2006

"We must go out once more"

I'm feeling a little congested this morning. I'm putting this down to having an emotionally draining day yesterday...I don't really feel like going into the details today, but I will make a suggestion to all my loyal readers - processing complicated feelings just before going to your therapy session...not a good idea. I wanted to crawl into bed after my therapy session. Not surprisingly, that's exactly what I did - for an hour, anyway.

Last night, I ate Ethiopian food and watched the Writer of O. It's a really good documentary. What a fascinating story. I want to go back and read the book again, now. I was very young and somewhat horrified when I first read it. I'm imagining that it will speak to me somewhat differently now.

Today, I have a client, then the next day and half are all mine to do with as I please. I cleaned earlier in the week (I could get used to working only 2 days a week!), so I think that tomorrow I'm going to head to the Oakland Zoo. I haven't been there before and I do like zoos.

SlowTalker is away for 2 weeks. It's going to be a bit of a challenge for me, but he's been helping me with marketing stuff and has left me with a bunch of "homework" to get busy on. Hopefully, this will help keep me occupied. In the same vein, I have a new client starting next week (Yay!). She won't be full fee, but she will be weekly. I'm taking this as an extremely positive sign that things are on the upswing.

I promise to take my camera with me to the zoo tomorrow and post pictures when I get home.


P'tit-Loup said...

Yeah, Zoo pictures! I can't wait and congratulations on the new client. That is exiting. I have never heard of the writer of O. I will have to look for the film and the book. I have yet to be dissapointed by a book you suggested or recommended.

Aravis said...

Have a great time at the zoo, and good luck with both your "homework" and the new client! :0)

Fred said...

Ethiopian food? Wow - that's something new to me. I need to search for that to see how it's prepared.

Hope you had a great time at the zoo.

the urban fox said...

Hello Spinny - I'm all out of the loop but hope you're having a great summer (& not baking in the insanely hot Californian sun!) x

Cody Bones said...

Read the book a LONG time ago, but I have to know. How was the Movie? I hope that you had a great time at the zoo, and thanks for the Music Meme.

spinsterwitch said...

Cody - there is a movie version of the Story of O, but the one I saw on Friday was a documentary about the writer, who'd remained under a nom de plume until she was in her 80s or 90s. She was an interesting woman who wrote the book as something of a love letter to her lover.